Man Stabbed on Gordon Avenue


A man has been stabbed on Gordon Avenue off Portswood Road.

The man, believed to be in his mid-20s, was standing on the pavement just after 18.00 when he was attacked.

Eyewitnesses at the scene, including staff at the Gordon Arms nearby, report seeing another man approach the victim on a bicycle before stabbing him and cycling away.

The man was lying in a pool of blood for over half an hour after the attack but remained conscious as paramedics treated him at the scene.

Several police cars and ambulances arrived as crowds began to gather at the entrance to Gordon Avenue, which has been cordoned off.

It is not known whether the men were acquainted prior to the attack.

The incident comes as the latest in a long line of violent assaults in the Portswood area.

Earlier this year, a man stumbled into the KFC on Portswood Road after being stabbed in the stomach by an unidentified assailant.

Last year a 21 year old female Southampton University student was also attacked in an incident on Gordon Avenue.

The Police are currently unavailable for comment, but are asking for anyone who was in the area at the time to come forward with any information by calling 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


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    The man was NOT stabbed outside the Gordon arms, it happened halfway up Gordon ave! This had nothing with the pub apart from the staff helped the man before the medics arrived


    Interesting development…out of interest, did he walk to the pub or was he found up the street and taken there?


    He ran to the closest place that was open and that happened to be the Gordon arms where he was helped by staff and people walking past until the medics arrived

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    New lights were put in on all of the Gordon Avenue/Livingstone Road etc roads at the end of last year. Think Alma missed out though. They didn’t put any extra in, just replaced the old ‘orange’ ones with brighter ones.

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    I must have cycled past him literally moments before this happened… this has been one of a long line of incidents around this area. My house and about eight others have been broken into down Tennyson in the last few months.

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    Hi I was the man stabbed oposite the pub on gorden avenue I sum how managed to run into the pub to seek help but was ushered out by the landlord guess he didn’t want blood on his carpet lol fair play to the bar maid for the tea towl used as a torniqater , Wat didn’t help while I was laying the bleeding to death was the landlord throwing buckets of water besides me cleaning my blood also vital evidence away !!! Saw police speak to him Wat a donut

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