Undercover Police ‘Bag’ Suspected SUSU Thief


A 40 year-old man was arrested on Tuesday night by three undercover policemen in the Student Union. He was attempting to leave the Students’ Union building with a student’s bag, and is believed to be behind the recent spate of thefts in the SUSU buildings.

Police apprehended him as he tried to leave the Old Sports Hall through a fire exit with a the bag, placing him immediately in handcuffs.

He was arrested on suspicion of “going equipped for theft”, but police remain unsure which exact charge he shall receive. He is currently being held for questioning.

Students are advised to remain vigilant as other thieves may be operating in the area, and to report any suspicious behaviour to either University Security or the reception desk in SUSU.

More information shall be published in the event he is charged.


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    If this is related to the bag that was handed into the reception last night by 3 undercover police officers, apparently the bag was found stuffed in a locker (or the female toilets, as both seemed to be mentioned).

    Also mentioned was the fact that one of the police officers (so i assume) was able to enter the building through fire escapes, and that their identity was not checked while entering the SUSU building.

    These two events seem almost conflicting though.

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    This event did indeed occur during Tuesday evening. The building was abuzz with drama when the three undercover police officers arrested the man as, at the same time, ambulance staff were dealing with a young man who had collapsed after suffering what appeared to be a seizure.

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    There was no bag handed in on Tuesday evening. The police officers recovered one bag from the would-be thief, which was immediately handed back to the student to which it belonged to.

    The police officers also entered the building through the main entrance, being inside the building when they apprehended the man attempting to leave through the fire escape in the Old Sports Hall. They had their police IDs checked by a member of staff when they entered.

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