Katie Price: the next addition to Hampshire police?



Katie Price is among those that have shown an interest in becoming the Crime Commissioner for Hampshire.

As part of the Government’s new proposals 41 police forces in England and Wales will be headed by elected Crime Commissioners. The Government believe that elected candidates are more likely to reflect local needs.

In January, Nick Herbert will begin a national roadshow to encourage the public to support the changes to the system. After concerns that there will be insufficient interest to fill the vacancies, 41 MP’s will also be on the search for good candidates.

A spokesperson for the Association of Police Authorities, whose role will be replaced as part of the new system, said: ‘elected commissioners are the biggest change to the service in almost 200 years’

‘It’s crucial that those who police the police are up to the job and can inspire the trust of every community’

Individuals that have shown an interest in the roles, alongside Katie Price, are former BBC Crimewatch presenter, Nick Ross, and Baroness Helen Newlove.

Potential candidates that are already in the field of policing are: former Gloucestershire Chief Constable, Tim Brian, former Metropolitan Police officer, Brian Paddick, and Colonel Tim Collins, who has said he wants police to be ‘rat catchers, not social workers’.

The new initiative has raised questions about the calibre of individuals that will apply for the roles and potentially assume control of police forces by the end of 2012.


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    Umm… what experience can she be expected to bring to such a role?! I assume this person will have at least some decision-making power, or are they just going to be a pointless administrative addition?

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