SUSU President to Run For Second Term


Four of the current sabbatical team have resigned from Elections Committee, paving the way for a re-election campaign.

The temporary resignations, which will last until the end of the 2012 SUSU elections period, means that President Sam Ling and Vice-Presidents Sasha Watson, Shane Murphy and Jonny Brooks-Bartlett are able to nominate themselves once more.

When pushed on his reasons for leaving the committee, Sam said “I’ve resigned from elections committee because I am planning on running in the upcoming Sabbatical elections.”

“There is a lot more that I would like to achieve as President of the Union and so would greatly value the opportunity to undertake a second year in position.”

Rules state that if a member is planning to either run for a position, or help a friend campaign, they cannot sit on the committee until the elections have concluded.

Replacement members are being sought for the interim period.

Equality and Diversity Officer Chloe Green has also temporarily resigned from Elections Committee.

The Wessex Scene will be bringing you all the latest elections news in the coming months.


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    As far as I’m aware, only Sam and Shane are re-running out of those four. Jonny and Sasha might be on campaign teams, or could obviously re-run, but those are the only two I know for definite are running.

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      Yeah, having sat on Elections Committee for a bit (as everyone now knows, I no longer do – thanks for that, Jamie!), I’m not completely sure if this kind of article is really democratic? Did you check it with Mclo?

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          Yes, this is okay. The WS does have an editorial team, i can not publish articles.

          Chloe, anything in the public domain like minutes from committees are newsworthy. I was sure to only mention you as an aside.

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            Yeah that’s fine Jamie, just didn’t want anyone getting into trouble when I knew your intentions were good! And I really don’t mind the reference, it doesn’t make any difference – plus I’m open and honest. As ever.

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      Hello Luke,

      Following on from debate last year around announcing intent to stand, as well as articles and rumours from many forms of our esteemed student press about who was standing, elections committee looked at this very issue.

      It was decided at committee that announcing your intent to run/ nominate does not constitute campaigning.

      The Wessex Scene are therefore free to report the fact as long as they act impartially as set out in the media guidelines agreed at the last media committee. I look forward to more reports over the next month about possible contenders for the upcoming sabbatical elections.

      As Deputy Returning Officer for the upcoming elections I am working hard along with the whole of SUSU to make these sabbatical elections the best yet and will soon official announce more details.

      In the meantime I would encourage anyone thinking about running to check out the election page which will be updated with the latest news.

      Up there now is interviews with me and Frankie about why you should run.


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    Well as sam did not ask Jamie to write the article and merely replied to a question put to him is Sam at fault? Will this article influencing anyone’s voting in an election being held in over a month’s time? Also people may resign from elections committee for a number of reasons we cannot assume that everyone who has done so is re running.

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    Stop reading into this guys. I’m not gunna lie, I was wary too about having an article like this being published, impartiality and all that, but the information in this article written very well by Jamie contains no partial opinions or views, states the facts of information open to everyone, correctly asks for a response from Sam who is concerned, and does not speculate that these people ‘are’ re-running, only suggesting that the option is open to them. No Elections rules or laws set out in the constitution have been broken.

    Nominations still don’t close until over a month away, and by then – if the sabbs concerned re-run – the information will be in public domain anyway.

    As a member of Elections Committee myself, I see nothing wrong with this article. As Joe has already mentioned, announcing your intent to run/ nominate does not constitute campaigning. Furthermore, the Sabb Elections still haven’t officially been called (this will happen at the end of January), so for the time being the Wessex Scene editorial team are welcome to publish what is said by the sabbaticals that may be of public interest.

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      I see nothing wrong with the article itself, it is quite clear that Mr Chadd is not advertising or endorsing any of the candidates. But Sam advertising his intention to re-run doesn’t seem right. “It’s just not cricket”

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        But luke sam has been very open when asked that he intends to rerun. If he had not mentioned it would you then be complaining that he had not been open and honest? These are two things that you can definitely not accuse sam of not being. .

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