Three New WSA Positions Filled


Today four strong candidates nominated themselves for three new student roles here at Winchester School of Art. This will hopefully result in a stronger student voice and a well represented union.

Stephen Langdon of third year Graphics won the role of Design and Social Media Officer against Re-Open Nominations (RON). Having worked behind the Student’s Union bar for two years he feels that there is a lot of  potential for the space. He wants to make sure that his designs promote the union as much as possible by making people aware of what’s going on.

Third year Graphics student Graham Read successfully won the role of WSA RAG officer against RON also. In interview he told us that he wanted to, “..engage the students charitable side..” Which also works alongside his aspiration of working within the charity sector.

Both Tess Gray and Jessica Taylor were keen for the role of Curation Officer. Third year fine artist Tess felt that the Student’s Union provided a non-institutional space different to the white cube feel of the studio spaces. Opposing Tess was fine artist Jessica who wanted to let societies and groups of interest take charge and make sure that the space was used in the way that the students intended. Jessica won the role by a very close three votes.

Winchester officer Peter Whiddon commented that we are starting to stand on our own two feet whilst still very much integrating with the Highfield campus.

At the next committee meeting students can nominate themselves for the the following roles left:

  • Events Officer
  • Student Group Officer
  • Officer Without Portfolio (x3)
  • International Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • 1st Year Representative
  • 2nd Year Representative
  • 3rd Year Representative

It will most likely be the week before Easter but the date is still to be confirmed. This is a big step for the Winchester School of Art campus and hopefully just the start of many changes.



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