Stooshe, the recently successful girl group, have pulled out of tonight’s performance at the Cube. They have cited illness as their reason.

The group were booked months ago for this Cube night. Since, they have found chart success with their song ‘Love Me’ featuring Travis McCoy.

SUSU are currently offering that all those who have already bought a ticket for tonight can use it for any other Friday night this semester and have it upgraded to VIP.

Unfortunately, the entire evening has had to be cancelled. This disappointment is a blow to SUSU and their efforts to create a successful club night. Whether Stooshe will rebook for a performance now that they have become sucessful remains to be seen.


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    It’s better than them carrying on with the night without Stooshe, otherwise there may be people turning up who haven’t heard that Stooshe have pulled out. They’d get annoyed and it would be a blow to the Cube anyway. It’s a lose lose situation for them.

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    Any other Friday night this term means next week, right?


    Just seen the article on SUSU’s Facebook that says next term too.

    Mike Fisher

    Thanks for pointing that out Ollie. We’ve amended it to ‘semester’ now.

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