Hobbit Hits the Headlines


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News about the Hobbit pub and its impending legal battle has spread across the Internet and even onto news headlines, attracting widespread attention from thousands.

The news has finally hit headlines, with both local and national newspapers updating websites with information about the story, alerting the country to the issues concerning The Hobbit, which after twenty years has suddenly been targeted by Saul Zaentz Company (SZC)  who own numerous rights to the works of Tolkien.

A cafe in Moseley, Birmingham, has also been targeted. The Hungry Hobbit Sandwich Bar, which has been so called for six years, is situated near to Tolkien’s childhood home of  Sarehole.

Twitter is awash with tweets commenting upon the problems facing the Southampton pub, with a huge variety of people stating their opinion:

Stephen Fry tweeted:

Honestly, @savethehobbit, sometimes I’m ashamed of the business I’m in. What pointless, self-defeating bullying..


Local MP John Denham also commented, saying:

You would have thought the film company makes enough money to be able to leave the popular Hobbit pub in Southampton alone #savethehobbit


With its own Twitter page, @savethehobbit, and hashtag (#savethehobbit), the news is spreading  across social networking sites like wildfire. The campaign’s Facebook page already has over 10,000 ‘Likes’, and the number is rising by the minute.

As the news is still fresh, the publicity of the campaign to save the Hobbit can only be expected to increase over the next few days.


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