Police raid Southampton shops over illegal high


Polish shops around Southampton have been raided by Hampshire police over the selling of a unlicensed medicine, Tantum Rosa. A series of shops were visited around the city with one found selling the drug; others were told to remove other Polish medicines which are unlicensed in the UK.

The medicine in question is a female sanitary drug that is manufactured in Poland. The drug is, in fact, safe to use despite being unlicensed in the UK. However, there have been cases of misuse in Eastern Europe and Brazil.

This problem has now spread here. Southampton teenagers have been found using the medicine in a recreational manner for its hallucinogenic effect. Some effects of this are visual hallucinations as well as extreme emotions of excitement, agitation and confusion. Recent vandalism at the Old Cemetery has been attributed to teenagers who were on the drug.

The police hope this is the first step in getting the product removed from being sold anywhere in the UK.



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