University Swim Team Save Passenger on Dramatic Flight


Members of the Southampton University Swimming  Club (SUSC) were returning from tour when they were called upon to perform CPR on a fellow passenger. An hour into their return flight, a man (who wishes to remain anonymous) went into cardiac arrest.

Flight staff responded quickly, using oxygen tanks and a defibrillator on the passenger just as SUSC were brought in to help.

A doctor was asked for and Kelvin Cheung M.D, part of the Swim team, was put in control of the passenger’s resuscitation. Adam Dales, Danni Burton and Sarah Benjamin, all also part of SUSC, were involved in performing CPR on the man and did so for 27 minutes, managing to restart the passenger’s heart by doing so.

The plane was diverted and landed, where the swim team then passed the man onto the paramedics to allow for more extensive care to be given to the passenger.

When The Wessex Scene asked those involved about how the episode affected them, Adam said: “we had done the appropriate training recently and were confident in what needed to be done”. Sarah also added that during the rescue operation, “the atmosphere reflected a great team spirit”.

After performing CPR, the team also helped those involved deal with their feelings regarding the situation.




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    This is brilliant news. Many congratulations indeed to you all for such swift action and excellent team work. Kelvin, you make me exceedingly proud. well done! Though I am sure that you will be the first to say that you were just doing your job and your team mates helped you.

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    A Concerned Student

    Good article, great effort from SUSC… All ruined by that picture of the writer.
    Barker I feel violated by your gaze. Sort out the rape eyes.

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