Local Corner Shop Caught Selling Fake Alcohol


A local Off-License has been caught selling illegal alcohol

Londis News on Lodge Road, Southampton, has been banned from selling alcohol for a week after Police seized a record number of counterfeit bottles.

124 bottles of vodka and wine, all counterfeit or non duty paid, were found after a customer complained.

The shop owner, Minesh Narenda Patel, avoided a three month drink sales ban after stating that he was ‘conned’. Mr Patel also insisted that he would not allow it to happen again when he appeared before the  city council’s licensing sub-committee.

The haul included forged bottles of Jacob’s Creek wine, on which ‘Australia’ was misspelled, and bottles of ‘Arctic Ice Vodka’, which is a fake brand.

Bottles of Prince Consort vodka (a genuine brand of vodka) were also found to be faulty, after the  manufacturers stated that it was of ‘poor quality’.

The shop is popular with students living in it’s vicinity.

Mr Patel stressed his concern that his customers stay safe.

This news comes just a few months after officials warned the public of the risks of buying counterfeit alcohol, covered in an article seen HERE.

Fake alcohol can seriously damage the drinkers health and is often bought by those looking for a cheap alternative to the highly priced commercial favourites – a habit common in the student community.

Customers are asked to be aware of the quality of their purchase, paying particular attention to the labelling and odour of the product.


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