SUSUtv Win Another Two NaSTA Awards and Take Over Executive Committee


The 2012 edition of the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) Awards took place on Saturday (April 21st), hosted by the University of Nottingham’s student TV station NUTS. Southampton’s own SUSUtv were in attendance, hoping to pick up some more awards after last year’s success. With entries in all but one of the 22 categories, the station managed to win two awards (the same as last year), as well as receiving an additional ‘highly commended’ recognition.

SUSUtv were represented in Nottingham by over 25 dedicated members of the station

Going into this year’s NaSTAs, SUSUtv were carrying with them relatively high hopes; with more content than ever before, including the highest budget SUSUtv production ever, the 27-strong party travelled to Nottingham hoping for an improvement on last year’s two awards and two highly commended recognitions. The Southampton station’s first recognition came in the category of Best Animation (the first of the night), for which they were highly commended last year. Entering another production of student Tom Fummo, this time a video entitled Bedtime, Kevin! SUSUtv received their first award of the night ahead of competition from high-profile stations including LSTV of Leeds and LSUTV of Loughborough. Speaking to the Wessex Scene about his win, Fummo released the following statement:

It’s hard to express how happy I was that Bedtime, Kevin! got the award; it really means so much to me, as the NaSTAs are such a special event and contributing to SUSUtv has been such a wonderful opportunity. My most heartfelt ‘thank yous’ and ‘well dones’ to everyone at SUSUtv, and to Chris Pate for delivering a stand-up impromptu speech on my behalf.

SUSUtv’s second award came in the category of Best Station Marketing, for which the station flaunted their work on the freshers’ DVD and for events such as RAG Week and Varsity. The win marked the second award for current SUSUtv Head of Brand and Marketing Andreas Day, who last year picked up the NaSTA for Best Comedy for the show Petty Crimes along with co-producer Alastair Mogford. Writing on Facebook shortly after the win, Day exclaimed that he was “truly honoured and humbled” to have received the award. Aside from their wins, SUSUtv were also highly commended for the category of Best Technical, won by host station NUTS.

SUSUtv beat off competition from 11 other stations to win the Best Station Marketing award

SUSUtv robbed AGAIN at #NaSTA2012 for People’s Choice Award.

Miranda, Twitter

Most Southampton supporters were happy and proud of the result, although some commentators were shocked to see the People’s Choice and Best Drama awards elude SUSUtv’s £1,200 production A Game of Sport, a period drama directed by Station Manager-elect Carly Brown. The one category in which SUSUtv were not competing this year was Best Comedy, of which they were defending champions following Petty Crimes‘s win in 2011: it has been revealed that the station were in fact disqualified from this category, due to their recycling of material from previous years, which is against NaSTA rules. The award went to Spark TV of Sunderland.

Speaking about this year’s performance, Station Manager Dom Kullander released the following statement to the Wessex Scene:

I am really, really pleased to have won one, let alone three, prizes at the biggest ever NaSTA Awards. We even picked up the award for “Station Most High on Life” at the AGM! I’m very proud of everyone who has been a part of the lime green machine this year; bigger and better things await SUSUtv!

LSTV of the University of Leeds were once again the stars of the show, winning the most awards by equalling last year’s tally of seven, although this time Best Broadcaster was not included in the haul. Second best of the night were hosts NUTS, who won four awards; Trent TV of Nottingham and YSTV of York joined SUSUtv on two awards; and the remaining spoils were shared equally by Exeter’s XTV, Loughborough’s LSUTV, Sunderland’s Spark TV, Cardiff’s CUTV, Leeds’ Met TV, and Leicester’s LUST.

Station Manager Dom Kullander said he was "very proud" with the performance of SUSUtv at this year's NaSTA Awards

Congratulations to the new @nastauk exec team, especially our very own Dom K and Jamie Chadd! Great year ahead #NaSTA2012

SUSUtv, Twitter

Also taking place during the weekend was the NaSTA annual general meeting (AGM), at which the Association’s executive committee is elected (a number of parody awards called the ‘Nasties’ are also given out — SUSUtv won TV Station Most High on Life). Of the four positions available, three were being contested by members of SUSUtv, with Station Manager Dom Kullander running for Development Officer, Assistant Manager Jamie Chadd running for Marketing Officer, and former Station Manager and current Development Officer Dax Wood running for NaSTA Chair. Kullander and Chadd both won their positions, while Wood was unfortunately beaten to the post of Chair by Lawrence Bolton, current Director of Content at this year’s hosts NUTS.

The final conclusion of the NaSTA 2012 proceedings was the decision of who was to host the conference and awards next year. Unlike in 2011, SUSUtv were not in the running this year, and the race was battled out between XTV of Exeter and YSTV of York. XTV won the responsibility of hosting the NaSTA Awards 2013, giving SUSUtv members a shorter journey across the country for next year’s event.

SUSUtv were in high spirits throughout the weekend, and should be proud to have won two more national student TV awards this year

VP Communications-elect David Gilani also travelled to Nottingham with SUSUtv, and said the following about the weekend:

It was such a fantastic few days. Besides winning two NaSTAs (and being highly commended for another), Station Manager and Assistant Manager Dom and Jamie were both elected onto the NaSTA executive team for the upcoming year, AND SUSUtv won the ‘Station Most High on Life’ award at the ‘Nasties’. I was proud to be a part of the green army, and can’t wait until next year when we all head to XTV in Exeter.

NaSTA Award Winners 2012:

  • Best Animation: SUSUtv (h/c LSTV)
  • Best Ident: LSTV (h/c Forge TV)
  • Best Title Sequence: LSTV (h/c LSUTV)
  • Best Factual: XTV (h/c LA1:TV)
  • Best Documentary: LSTV (h/c XTV)
  • Best News & Current Affairs: LSTV (h/c Trent TV)
  • Best Station Marketing: SUSUtv (h/c NUTS)
  • Best Open: LSUTV (h/c QMTV)
  • Best Sport: NUTS and Trent TV (h/c Spark TV)
  • Best Comedy: Spark TV (h/c GUST)
  • Tim Marshall Award for Special Recognition: LSTV (h/c QMTV)
  • Best Technical: NUTS (h/c SUSUtv)
  • Best Live: NUTS (h/c LSUTV)
  • Best Video to Music: CUTV (h/c XTV)
  • Best Music: Trent TV (h/c Spark TV)
  • Best Freshers’ Coverage: Met TV (h/c LSUTV)
  • Best Drama: LSTV (h/c Air TV)
  • Best Light Entertainment: NUTS (h/c YSTV)
  • Best On-Screen Female: Emma Bennett, YSTV (h/c Lindsey Harris, XTV)
  • Best On-Screen Male: Andrew Seddon, LSTV (h/c Matthew Cullum, WarwickTV)
  • People’s Choice Award: LUST (h/c NUTS)
  • Best Broadcaster: YSTV (h/c Forge TV)

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