Will WSA Go To The Ball?


The graduation ball was announced last week. An uproar soon followed as the location and timing was believed to be in conjunction with the rest of the University of Southampton.

To find out more, the Wessex Scene met up with the lead voices from each course and with Vice President of Winchester, Laura Gardner.

Rebecca Sutherland-Young, spokesperson for the Fashion and Textile Design course, stated that the majority of fashion students are unable to attend the graduation ball due to their London show clashing with the date and time of the event.

“The most annoying thing for us, was that we weren’t aware of the choice until we were told on Monday”.

Unfortunately there has been a lack in communication between the Vice President Laura Gardener, a fellow third year student, and fashion students in regards to the dates of Fashion’s own Degree show which has been timetabled since autumn. However Rebecca made it clear that Fashion were not against the location or of “…merging the two University campus’s together, so they felt they hadn’t been represented properly.”

On the other hand, Graphic Arts students were initially disappointed with the venue of Oceana, but once more details had been announced, felt more comfortable with the idea. Many students weren’t aware that their £49 ticket would include a reception at the WSA SU to begin with, transport to and from Southampton (even at the same price as people on the Southampton campus’), a funfair, four-room choice of music, comedians and guest star Pixie Lott. The overall census that was given was that Southampton University, “…has made an effort to make us feel more included as a campus.”

Fine Art voiced their opinion through Adam Kite. They felt as a group they have been misrepresented.

“We feel that the Graduation Ball doesn’t greatly represent our experience at WSA”.

Many people seem off put by the size of the venue fearing losing friends in a drunken crowd; Fine Art would rather have a smaller more intimate event. As seemingly the most opposed course, Fine Art have made it clear that they intend to celebrate their graduation and to finalise their time here with a student led event at WSA’s campus. Dates and details for this are still to be confirmed, with a meeting tomorrow at the Rotunda at 1.00pm, which is open to all pathways.

Regarding the last minute release of details about the ball, Vice President Laura Gardner felt it was better to confirm details about provisions and transport before announcing the idea.

“I am sorry to hear about Fashion’s dilemma, but there is never going to be a date where every single student can make it, Winchester School of art only holds 5% student population across the whole University, with a variety of other campus’s away from Highfield.”

The graduation ball is being held for 22,000 students with this being the first year of it being facilitated that WSA can attend. We are our own campus and Laura has facilitated this by adapting the Graduation Ball to give WSA students a reception at their own SU where they can celebrate together with their friends.

“It would be a shame to run a sub-par event here when there is such an amazing event in Southampton”.

To follow Laura’s blog to see what is happening next go to http://blogs.susu.org/sabbs/2012/04/16/graduation-ball-the-winchester-details/


By Jessica Taylor and Nicola Manuel.


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    First of all I would like to just express myself as a third year student of Fine Art and make it known that I have not voiced my opinion through Adam Kite but I therefore can agree that Fine Art has been misrepresented.

    Secondly I must agree with the idea that “…..the Grad ball doesn’t greatly represent our experience at WSA”.
    It’s true that this years grad ball won’t represent our time at WSA because it will be an event that focuses on delivering a fun night for every student not just boosting the ego of a select group who like to be big fishes in a small pond.
    However, I can safely say that this whole dispute over the grad ball embodies my personal experience of WSA so well that I am almost under the impression that it has been secretly staged by someone as a piece of art responding to life as a student at WSA.

    Lastly the most irritating part of this whole disagreement is that many people complaining don’t even read the official information provided by SUSU. They just fly off the handle after being misinformed by other students and then form groups on facebook without trying to express their opinions where they would be read by people who want to help them out.
    Safe to say I’ll be paying £50 to have a a good night rather than £20 for Fat Panda with a Gazeebo.

    Adam Kite


    I am sorry you have been misrepresented,
    Have a great time at the ball,

    Adam Kite



    Good, I am glad you are sorry,
    When do you need the statement for the website?
    I can’t wait for the London show!


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    Rebecca Sutherland-Young

    We would like to make it clear that we are not trying to make people choose which ball they should go to and fully understand if people want to go to the main Southampton Ball. We are holding a Summer Ball to celebrate the end of term with WSA campus.

    The ball is being organised by a few people in each course and the SU at Winchester so we can create an event that caters to all students with a diverse entertainment from djs to performance acts.

    This isn’t going against the University Grad Ball as we have been in discussion with our Student President and have her support.

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