Fire Breaks Out in Portswood


View from a garden on Shakespeare Avenue

A huge fire has broken out in Portswood.

Firefighters have been tackling the blaze which started around 3pm this afternoon.

The fire occurred close to ‘Clean Getaway’ car wash services. Hampshire Police state that the fire was in a disused building. 35 firefighters attended the scene using breathing apparatus.

Porchester Police stated that their crew in Southampton are ‘currently dealing with factory fire involving cylinders’ after being called out at 15.25pm

The area has been cleared and the road shut to both vehicles and pedestrians  between blockbusters and Lodge Road due the smoke’s potential toxicity. One policeman stated that the gases ‘are chemical form’ but gave no further information.

Police officers are calling on residents on Shakespeare Avenue and Livingstone Road checking their safety and well-being.  Locals are being told to stay indoors until the police come to state that it is safe to leave the building. Officers said they were unsure about plans for evacuation at this time. Police and other emergency services are reportedly wearing masks.

A bus was evacuated and fire engines were constantly arriving at the scene. An ambulance entered the area affected but no injuries have been reported.

The U6, U6C and Bluestar 2 bus services have been affected and diverted.

Burgess Road was also shut between Glen Eyre and The Avenue, due to a separate incident involving a car accident.

 Closures are set to remain in place for the next two hours.

The cause is unknown as yet.














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    Does anyone have any more information about the gas? I.e. what the chemical is / when or if it’s going to be safe to go there.


    got any pets?

    F.D. Sharrock

    I dunno I heard terrifying rumours its chemical based. All we can be certain of is that it contains approximately…

    Nitrogen — N2 — 78.084%
    Oxygen — O2 — 20.9476%
    Argon — Ar — 0.934%
    Carbon Dioxide — CO2 — 0.0314%
    Neon — Ne — 0.001818%
    Methane — CH4 — 0.0002%
    Helium — He — 0.000524%
    Krypton — Kr — 0.000114%
    Hydrogen — H2 — 0.00005%
    Xenon — Xe — 0.0000087%
    Ozone — O3 — 0.000007%
    Nitrogen Dioxide — NO2 — 0.000002%
    Iodine — I2 — 0.000001%
    Carbon Monoxide — CO — trace
    Ammonia — NH3 — trace

    David Gilani

    Great work, guys.

    Andre Pusey

    There you go, Dave. There are the students you can be so proud of!

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    “Burgess Road is now shut between Glen Eyre and Avenue Campus.”



    Still doesn’t make sense. Neither Glen Eyre nor Avenue Campus are on Burgess Road.

    Richard Windsor

    The Avenue. As in the big road that comes into Southampton. So between the end of Glen Eyre Road and the junction onto The Avenue makes sense.Try Google maps.


    Ah they got there eventually 😀

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    Are they letting people get to Shakespeare Av. if they live there? Would be nice to have some dinner soon.

    Jo Fisher

    I think so Stuart – my friend lives there and she seems to have made it home ok.

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    Apparently the smoke itself wasn’t toxic, the caution/gas masks etc. was due to the proximity of gas cylinders to the fire, which I guess they were afraid could explode.

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    This is a poorly written article. Bo selecta

    Mike Fisher

    Hi Anon / Charlotte Ellis,
    You’ve made two comments on the WS so far, both of them saying the article you just read is rubbish.
    As Editor of the Scene, I’d encourage you to give more constructive feedback, and if you can spot where we might be going wrong when breaking a story then you may even consider joining our team of volunteers and contributing your own time and effort rather than complaining ineffectually and semi-anonymously.
    And as someone without my Editor’s hat on and just a fellow student, I recommend that you reconsider whether your life is best spent trolling alone on the internet.

    Andre Pusey

    bish bash bosh

    Rob Leane

    boom! Go Mike!

    Bridget Clay

    By addressing ‘Anon / Charlotte Ellis’, did you mean that the person who chose to comment as ‘anon’ is in fact someone called Charlotte Ellis ?!
    As much as I (as a writer) can perfectly engage with the practice of stalking email/IP addresses of anonymous commenters to find out their true identity, even I wouldn’t expose their true identity on a public comment section – and I write for the Tab ! If they choose to make their comment anonymous – an option which you allow in most instances – even as the editor you have no right to expose them in that way ! I’m shocked Wessex Scene, I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed..

    Andre Pusey

    Probably not, but it bloody well should be.

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