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The Anthony Nolan Team at George’s Appeal!

Active Anthony Nolan charity worker Josh Cox has had a very successful and rewarding year, here he describes his experience, some of the highlights of getting involved and what his work for Anthony Nolan really means for those in need of bone marrow transplants.

I recently became involved with Southampton Marrow, the student run branch of Anthony Nolan, which has given me the chance to work on a number of events with the charity signing people up to the largest charity run register in the UK. With growing numbers of people being diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, Anthony Nolan constantly needs more people to sign up to the register. For every one person we can save we unfortunately cannot save another, despite the fact that there are currently 420,000 people signed up on the register.

On Wednesday 30th May myself and two other Southampton Marrow members travelled to Chichester to help run a clinic for Anthony Nolan. I was told about a patient appeal they had started for an 18 year old guy from Chichester called George. George has been diagnosed with a blood cancer called Aplastic Anaemia where his bone marrow can no longer produce any new blood cells. George needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life and unfortunately Anthony Nolan have not been able to find a successful match.

After meeting George I admire his enthusiasm for the charity and the fact that he remains so positive even after this diagnosis. This is something I feel I couldn’t do if I had been given the news that he and his family have received. After having the privilege to meet both him and his family I realised just how much George needs this transplant. It is devastating to lose any member of a family, but to lose someone so young with a whole life ahead of them is even worse. If you sign up to the register, you could help save the life of one of the thousands of people like George, who are still waiting to find a match, you could even be that one person that saves George’s life.

George is an amazing individual with a huge amount of commitment and enthusiasm and I urge you to sign up to the Anthony Nolan register. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Click Here
  2. Fill in all the details and pledge to sign up!
  3. Receive your ‘Spit Kit’ in the post, fill it up and send it back to Anthony Nolan!
  4. Receive your donor pack in the post
  5. Be one step closer to saving a life!

There is a 1 in 1000 chance that you would ever be called up to donate to someone and chances are you won’t hear from Anthony Nolan again but you could be that one person that matches the unfortunate people diagnosed with a blood cancer. This video  highlights the importance of people signing up the register


George is only one of thousands of people that need a bone marrow transplant and the only way we can save these people is with your help. I urge you to sign up the register and help those people who still have so much of their life to live. You never know when cancer is going to affect you and when it does it comes as a huge shock and I know that if I needed the help I would take it so it is only right that I am able to help someone else.

Be A Match…Save A Life…
Join the Anthony Nolan register and give someone the chance to live.


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