University Brands Admissions Allegations ‘Untrue’


The University of Southampton has stated accusations that UK universities ‘reject British students in favour of foreigners’ are untrue.

This response comes after the Wessex Scene published an article on allegations of unfair admission handling yesterday.

The University have also ‘suspended’ their contract with the agent within the Chinese University applications agency ‘Golden Arrow’ ‘pending the outcome of a review of the operation of the relationship.’

The government actually caps the number of UK students that a university can take, and these places are filled by UK students. They assert that ‘Foreign students cannot, and do not displace UK student places.’

In the statement, entitled ‘Response to article in today’s Daily Telegraph’, the University of Southampton states:

The University was very disappointed by an article in today’s Daily Telegraph suggesting that UK Universities “reject British students in favour of foreigners”, and calling into question the actions of an overseas agent with ties to the University as well as other Russell Group universities.

These accusations are untrue. International students cannot, and do not displace UK student places. UK student places are capped by government. Universities recruit UK students up to those caps. Indeed if we exceed our allocation of UK students we would be fined. Recruitment of international students operates entirely outside these domestic limits.

Accusations of advantages for International students are also vehemently denied:

All students applying to the University of Southampton must prove high standards of academic ability to be admitted onto our degree programmes. International students presenting A-level qualifications (of which there are very few from China) are given exactly the same offer by the University as UK students when applying for courses.

However, the conduct of the agents at ‘Golden Arrow’ has been brought into question, as the agents are not allowed to offer or guarantee places to potential students.

In reference to the specific agent who made these promises to the Daily Telegraph’s undercover reporter, 12 offers were made to students recommended by that agent. ‘The lowest of four offers made for direct entry to one of our degree programmes is AAB. Eight of the twelve offers are for enrolment onto our Foundation Year, a pre-University year.’


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