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The Wessex Scene is launching a competition for anyone interested in art and design. The competition is to design a logo for ‘Pause’ and will subsequently be used online and in the magazine, read by thousands of people.. Intrigued? You should be.

As many of you might know, the Wessex Scene is the University of Southampton’s magazine and online newspaper which has been running since 1936. It features articles which deliver a wide-range of content relevant to the student communities of both Southampton and Winchester, with a regularly updated website and a magazine printed monthly during term-time. This is created entirely by students, from the articles to the art-work, and this is why we’re looking to our student body to create a unique image for us which will capture the spirit of Pause.

If you’re still a little confused about just what ‘Pause’ is, then read on, because that’s exactly what this competition is for! We aim to give this section a stronger identity, starting with a recognisable logo. The following design brief from Pause Editor Sam Everard will explain more about the competition and what we’re looking for:

‘Pause needs a logo that reflects what the section is about. Pause is meant to be an entertaining diversion; it doesn’t feature serious news stories, is often satirical, and should be where students come to procrastinate, or waste time when they need a break. I’m envisioning a minimalist design, but that’s not to say a logo with lots going on couldn’t perfectly encompass what the section is about! If you also have a slogan or tagline to go with the design, that’s excellent. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the entries, get creative!’

Amateurs. We know you can do better!

The submitted images can be either drawn and scanned in or created digitally. The focus is on your ideas for a Pause logo and not about making them look entirely like the finished product yet; if you can only draw it by hand then a finalised digital version can be worked out later. However if you can submit it digitally we certainly won’t complain!

We hope you’re as excited as we are, the chance to have your own work being showcased on the website and in the magazine is a fantastic opportunity and a brilliant way to get involved with the Wessex Scene and student life. Everyone is welcome to enter so if you’re feeling creative then please don’t hesitate to have a go!

Entries are due by August 10th, please send them (or any questions you may have) to along with your name and any additional information about your work.


UPDATE: The competition has closed and we’ve chosen a winner! Details are here:

The Pause Logo Competition Has A Winner


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