Welcome to the University of Southampton, from the Wessex Scene Editorial team


It’s A-Level Results Day, so the Wessex Scene Editorial team have decided to extend their congratulations and share some advice with those of you who have made it and now make up the University’s newest influx of fresh-faced students.

I remember my A-Level Results Day well, I say the actual day I recieved my results but it’s actually the night before which is most memorable, I remember being unable to sleep feeling horribly sick and the most nervous I’ve ever been. I knew that it could have gone either way but I was hoping and praying that I’d got into Southampton. At 5am, I like many others frantically refreshed and refreshed the UCAS page until it gave me the news I wanted to see at approximately 7am. ‘You’ve been accepted at the University of Southampton,’ at which I immediately burst into tears and in came my mum and sister in their pyjamas to join in my euphoria!

If you’re reading this then you may have had a similar experience this morning and I say Well Done for sticking with UCAS and a HUGE Well Done for getting those results which have opened the door at Southampton for you. The Wessex Scene Editorial team is made up of students now entering second or third or MA years yet we all look back at our Freshers year with fondness and in some cases jealousy! These are ‘words of wisdom’ from the team.

Ellie Sellwood, Editor- Do your own thing

I would recommend above anything that you do your own thing and follow your own path. It can be all too easy to try to cling on to the first friends that you make once you get here, usually your flat/housemates, which is fine, but if there’s something which takes your eye, that you’d really like to check out then go for it. Go to that first session, you don’t need to persuade anyone to go with you, unless you know it’s something they’d be interested in too. It’s the only way you’ll know if it’s for you.

I went to a very socially awkward creative writing meeting and nearly got trampled at a Tchoukball session but it’s these experiences that make you realise what being at University is about. It’s about spreading your wings and learning about yourself. So take that chance, you owe it to yourself!

Jo Fisher, Deputy Editor- Your chance to be ‘you’

To those of you starting at Southampton, I am incredibly jealous of you! You’re about to start the best and the most important three years of your life – so love every moment, make the most of every opportunity, and have fun.

I had the time of my life here as an undergraduate – it was so good I’m staying on to do a Masters! You’ll cherish every friendship and memory you make – even those that are more hazy than others! This is your chance to be ‘you’ – and more importantly, to do all the things you ever wanted to. So just go for it. This will be the best decision you ever made!

Amy Sandys, Features Editor- Grab any opportunity and embrace every minute

Firstly, Congratulations for getting into the University of Southampton! From nights out, to lectures, to social clubs, to your halls and your friends, it’s pretty much guaranteed your time here will not be forgotten in a hurry. Remember to grab any opportunity you can and embrace every minute; University is the last time you’ll get to be really selfish and do what YOU want, so have fun and enjoy what Soton has to offer!

Sam Everard, Pause Editor- Throw yourself into every activity possible

Congratulations everyone on a brilliant set of results! Whether Southampton was your first or insurance choice, you’re going to have an incredible few years here. It was my insurance choice, and I was terrified about going somewhere that, in my eyes, I hadn’t really chosen in the first place. But trust me, all those fears will disappear the moment you arrive and throw yourself into Freshers Week.

You’ll meet countless other people just like you, make some great friends, and, if you’re as unfortunate as I was, have such an eventful first night that people in other halls were still talking about it 2 months after it happened. Uni is the best chance in life you’ll have to throw yourself into every activity imaginable, so make the most of it! We’ve even got a pretty awesome student newspaper, if that’s your thing.

Amy Harwood, Winchester Editor- Buy a printer

Welcome to Southampton, especially you arty lot I will be meeting in Winchester! Living and learning on a smaller campus maybe a little disheartening at first, but I promise you it is just as fun! With a smaller student population it is very easy to make friends and feel at ease amongst the creative community we have here. The nightlife in Winchester is cheap and cheerful and Southampton is a cosy coach ride away (you’ll learn soon enough!)

Life at halls is hilarious so enjoy it while you can because the year goes by so quickly! I can’t wait for the year to start and I hope you enjoy your time here! Oh, and one piece of advice: buy a printer! Access to fast and personal printing is priceless when its deadline time!

Jack Winter, Sports Editor- You will make friends and discover things about yourself you never knew

Right now I would do terrible things to time travel back to the start of first year (seriously dark things). In fact, I had to re-word this three times trying not to sound jealous! The coming year will be one of the best of your life.

Obviously it’s easy for me to get excited about it all whilst you’re probably kacking yourself, I remember how terrified I was for sure! So long as you’re not the one who shuts themselves away in their room all and only surfaces at 1 am to grate parsnips whilst making gurgling noises you will make loads of friends, discover things about yourself you never knew and live some of the best years of your life.

In a few months time you will never want to leave. You’ve fought your way through the hell of secondary school, you’ve battled the A level beast – and you won! Congratulations are in order because you’ve got one hell of a reward ahead of you.

Emma Hobbs, Lifestyle Editor- Experience Jesters as soon as possible

I cannot believe it has been a year since I was pacing, sitting, standing, worrying…all because I needed to see those few words that confirmed my place at Southampton. But you guys have done it, so congratulations!

This first year will be one of the best/quickest years of your life, so make the most of it! Don’t be worried about meeting new people and making friends, everyone is in the same boat. Remember all that hard work you put in to be here? Southampton is your reward, and you will love it! Congratulations again, and one final point: Experience Jesters as soon as possible; I left it until Semester 2 and consequently missed out on 3 months worth of Jesticles…

Claire Critchley, Science and Environment Editor- Make the most of your freedom

Congratulations on getting in to Southampton, now life gets really exciting. Make the most of your freedom and the all the weird and wonderful experiences Southampton has to offer whether you fully intended to experience them or not. Well Done and see you in September!

Jack Kanani, International Editor- Throw yourself into the deep end

Firstly – don’t worry! Honestly that is the main point I want you to take away from this. I worried like crazy before I came to Southampton and it was all for nothing honestly. I met the best people in my halls (Connaught) and lived with the most amazing people in my life in my first year.  At Southampton you will go through ups and downs, but at the end of it all you will meet people and achieve things that stay with you forever, although you need to throw yourself into university life 100%. I could rant on but I will just list my main points:

1) Don’t frequent Sobar too much – you will get bored of it!

2) The first year is to just get used to how work is graded so don’t panic

3) Anything you do WILL stay with you forever as a story “You remember that one time.. at band camp”

Congratulations on getting here, but it has only just begun!

Andy Haywood, Features Editor (as well) – DON’T PANIC: First year doesn’t count!

I guess I could go down the cliché route of “OMG! Everything is going to be awesomely perfect!” But instead, I’m going to be honest: University is amazing! Not only do you now have your independence on a plate, but you get to use and abuse it when you’re surrounding by hundreds of opportunities. Obviously, there will be tough times and homesickness, but you will make friends you’ll become extremely close with and no-one is more than a phone call away. The most important bit of advice I could probably give is (and prepare to hear this repeated a thousand times) “The first year doesn’t count!” This gives you a chance to get used to university grading (as it is a step up) and relieves you of a lot of pressure. The best thing you can do is use this freedom to meet new people, do new things and get involved. There’s loads I wish I did in my first year and am tentative now as I’ve got other priorities. I guess all I can say is congratulations and I strongly urge you to join in and make some epic memories you’ll be embarrassing and amazing your grandchildren with. Basically, enjoy yourself and DO NOT PANIC IF THINGS DON’T INITIALLY GO TO PLAN; you have plenty of time to settle in. I said I would avoid clichés, but clichés are clichés for a reason!

Once again, a massive Congratulations from us all and we look forward to meeting you soon. We all hope you party hard tonight!


I come from South West London and am studying English at Southampton. I am interested in journalism and considering it as a career after my degree. I have interests in Sports and Music and have written for a sports magazine called Sportsister before. I am keen to get involved in as much as possible whilst at Uni and writing about my experiences could be a very rewarding thing. :)

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    Good advice here! Also, when going about finding houses for 2nd year, do not go with Tenant Direct. Our house on move in day was disgusting (excessive mould on the walls, rubbish under the beds, mouldy shower head – these are just examples!) and Tenant Direct said it was now down to the landlord they couldn’t do anything for us. This was after we’d paid them £150 each for a 6 bedroom house – £900!

    I’d advise all freshers to meet with their landlord before signing a contract for a new house – and NOT go with Tenant Direct.

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