Youngest Student in University of Southampton History Gains Place For September


Wajih Ahmed, a 14-year-old from Chandler’s Ford in Hampshire, has achieved the grades to study Economics at the University of Southampton.

The young prodigy will be the youngest student in the history of the establishment, having gained A* grades in maths, further maths and physics, as well as A grades in chemistry and economics.

Despite the daunting nature of starting life at university, and the fact that he will be unable to take part in a wide range of more conventional student activities, Wajih insists that the age difference is no cause for concern.  He told the BBC, “I’ve had experience going to school with older children, because I’ve been going to part-time college, so it doesn’t seem so daunting to me being around older people”.

Wajih has chosen to remain at home for the duration of his studies, and intends to stay on for a PhD before pursing a career as an actuary.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Education Debra Humphris said:

We are delighted to welcome Wajih to the University of Southampton together with all new and returning students and congratulate them on their exam results. Like all undergraduates, Wajih will receive the highest levels of support, guidance and help throughout his degree and we hope he will enjoy his time at the University

Will Wajih’s age affect his studies or enjoyment here? Let us know what you think.


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    Sceptical student

    All I can say is, he’s going to have a shit freshers and I’d put good money on the fact that he’s going to come out socially backwards with no friends. Clever kid though.

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    Gabriela Discenza

    I am happy for him and wish him every success although its a shame he won’t get to experience the ‘delight’ of Jesters for another 4 years.

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    He might, as he claims, be comfortable around older students, but university is a completely different world to anything else. He’s completely wasting his chance to go to university and enjoy it at an appropriate age; I understand that he’s a child prodigy and wants to get into a career as soon as possible, but he should be enjoying school, then college, then university. He’s going to regret this when he realises what he’s missing.

    Pusey the bear

    Wish you’d done the same and then we wouldn’t be hearing your constant moaning.


    Ahh! Got me.


    It’s a fair point though – you only get one chance at the university experience. Those that don’t make the most of it or enjoy it tend to regret it later in life.

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    24 hours after the tab, a personal best for the scene! At least someone covered it in the end!

    Cant wait to find out how many gold medals great britain won in the olympics!

    Wessex Scene Overlord

    Everyone knows its about quality of articles, not speed. Which reminds me we have a London 2011 riots article going out soon. Not to be missed!

    Brian O'Luke

    Didn’t realise the tab felt so inferior to the scene that they felt every little thing was worth comparing and a competition…inferiority complex clearly

    Luke O'Brien

    It’s O’Brien with an E thanks Alex

    Alexander James Green

    Sorry! My mistake! I do apologise

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    I think Wajih will have a good time! It still bugs me that the concept of Freshers is synonymous with binge drinking, clubs and vomit. He’s welcome to join the Good Food Society, one of the few societies someone of any age can join!

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    Congratulations! And even if he did decide to take time out to drink for 3 years at a later age, he would at least be able to fund it himself 😉 I don’t think that he will be missing out on anything. You don’t have to be going to University to enjoy that kind of lifestyle.

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