iSolutions Maintenance Work Set to Deny File Access to Students


Over the weekend of the September 1 and 2, all students and staff will be unable to access any of their personal files stored on the university system, the University of Southampton has announced.

The downtime is caused by iSolutions, who are planning a major upgrade to the Personal Filestore service within the university; improvements that have been in progress since spring 2012.

However, the maintenance work will prove a disruption to students who wish to continue or begin their studies, as it arrives just one month prior to the start of the new academic semester.

The UoS have recommended that staff and students prepare for the disruption by transferring files across to a memory stick or another storage device so work can be continued elsewhere.

“Allow extra time to get your work done that weekend on a university desktop or laptop, or arrange to work on an alternative computer, as university PCs and laptops may provide reduced performance” they announced.

“Arrangements have been made to ensure that equipment in Common Learning Spaces and Lecture Theatres will still be performing normally, although there will be no access to your files”.

iSolutions are also keen to stress the level of improvement that will result from these works, as students and staff look fit to benefit highly.

“This work will provide a resilient, high performance, scalable and supportable foundation for the service, and will remove many of the performance concerns of the current solution. It includes enhancements such as improved file restore for staff and students” they said.

Work will begin at midnight on Friday August 31 and be completed at midnight on Sunday September 2. For more information, click here.



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