Local cinemas project CCTV image of man wanted by Police


Cinemas are to project CCTV images tonight of a man wanted by Police in connection with the murder of an elderly woman.

Despite efforts to circulate his image on posters and through local media, Hampshire Police are now turning to Southampton cinemas and Bluetooth technology to increase awareness of a “significant witness.” Today is the four-week anniversary of 85 year old Delia Hughes’ death, found deceased by relatives in her flat in Atlantic Close, Ocean Village.

The images show a man aged between 25 and 30 years old wearing a dark-coloured hoodie. Hampshire Police are keen to speak to the man as he was last seen in the vicinity of Mrs Hughes’ flat at the time she may have died. Cinema go-ers tonight will be screened his image and description, in the hope of locating a key lead in solving the murder case, which up to 60 officers are said to be working on.

Investigation leader, Detective Superintendent Tony Harris, said:

“Despite saturating the area with a description and images of this man through the local media, social media, the distribution of appeal leaflets and by displaying posters, it has become clear from our house-to-house enquiries that not everyone is aware of our interest in this man. We have therefore had to look at alternative communication channels to bring this to the attention of as many members of the public that we can. By sending out Bluetooth messages and projecting images onto buildings, we hope to achieve this. We also appreciate the support being provided by the local cinemas as this too enables us to potentially reach an even greater number of people.”

Detectives will also be attending the PSP Southampton Boat Show at the weekend, to distribute flyers.


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