Refurbished Bridge Bar Introduced


This summer, the Bridge Bar has been redesigned and today, Sam Ling took the Wessex Scene on a tour. The project cost a total of £400,000 of Union and University funding, and this places pressure on the venture to be a success

Although the rumour mill whirred with reports of the construction over running, Tony Addison, Head of Commercial Development, described the project as a ‘smooth operation’ with architecture firm HPW being noted for their intuition in interpreting SUSU’s design brief. The outcome of almost three months of hard work sees a versatile space which is highly practical.

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The space is luxurious, and specifically designed to cater for students looking for high quality. The bar is soon to boast serving the best coffee on campus with professional Baristas currently training staff. The Bridge Bar’s ultimate aim has always been to attract those looking for a more sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, and the refurbishment finally achieves this aim. This is also reflected in the new menu which raises the bar in terms of affordable food.

For more information about the menu, please refer to the Lifestyle section where you will soon find a review of a few dishes.

The redesign has allowed SUSU to build a smaller outlet in the concourse – Grab ‘n’ Go which will cater to those looking for something quick and inexpensive.

This facility will also remain open until approximately 2am on Friday nights for students to quell their hunger pangs after visiting The Cube’s ‘Nightlife’. This links directly to Chloe Green’s ‘Ssh! Campaign’ through staggering students departing The Cube; helping them sober up; and keeping noise to a minimum. After all, as Sam Ling so rightly put, it is difficult to make excessive amounts of noise with a mouth full of food.

To hear more of what Sam Ling had to say about the new Bridge Bar, please visit the Surge Radio website.


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    Is it bad that I got overly happy that Surge was mentioned at the bottom? WOO COLLABORATION.

    Anyway, The Bridge looks beautiful. The new light fittings oh my god.

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