The Bunfight: A Quick Guide


I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the ‘Bunfight’ you’ve been hearing about doesn’t involve tasty baked treats, but fortunately it doesn’t involve fighting either!

The Bunfight is an event in the SUSU building where all of the societies and clubs at the university set up stalls so you can sign up to join them, it’s a great event and a lot of fun! It can be a little overwhelming though, there’s more to do here than you can possibly imagine and not enough time to squeeze it all in to. So it makes sense that you don’t do what I did and just wander in with a vague idea that you want to do a few different sports and end up signing up for just about everything you see.

Here are some tips from the Wessex Scene to help you get the most from the day:

  • Have Breakfast.

You’ll probably be hungover from Sobar the night before so make sure you have a decent breakfast and a coffee or something so that you have the energy to find some enthusiasm for the day ahead – it’s not one you want to screw up!

  • Plan.

Not meticulously, but do have a little list of things you definitely want to sign up for/find out more about – when you’re surrounded by so many stalls and so many different societies/clubs it’s easy to forget what you originally wanted to do!

  • Ask where stuff is.

Everyone will be really helpful and tell you where to find specific stalls, they’re all volunteers after all! I managed to accidentally walk past lots of the stalls I wanted to see because I was swept along in the crowd and hadn’t made a list. Which brings me on to a very important point…

  • Get there early.

There will be so many people meandering down the Bunfight route that you’d be wise to get there early before it gets ridiculously crowded and starts to actually resemble a fight! You’ll get a better look at the stalls and can walk round at your own pace.

You’ll probably do what I did and find that three years down the line you’re still getting emails from some weird society about extreme ironing or something, but make sure you ask lots of questions and speak to lots of people because you might end up genuinely finding something new to do that you love.

Good luck finding something right for you – and make sure you come say hello to all us WS editors at the Wessex Scene stall (we’ll be the ones in the red hoodies!) See you there!



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