What the heck is going on: Monday 24th?


With so many events and activities happening during Freshers’ Week, with SUSU and your JCR’s alone, Wessex Scene makes it as simple as possible to know what’s happening on what days so you can decide how and where to spend your precious Freshers’ Week.

Welcome to SUSU (10am-3pm):  You are a Student so the Student’s Union is yours! Find out everything they have to offer you with a mixture of activities and events. Plus, come and say hello to us, Your Wessex Scene.

Orion’s Point Sports Day (1pm-5pm): Visit the common for some fun sports and activities with the rest of your JCR including RAG rounders. Also, get the low down on the Orion’s Point intermural sports teams.

Bencraft’s Tea and Cake Session (6:30pm-8:30pm): With a fortnight of epic events to come, why not pace yourself with some treats and tea with your JCR’s in the Common Room?

Live Music at the Union (7pm-11pm): Overdid it at the welcome party? Saving your party spirit for later on? Or just want to chill out? Head down to your union to enjoy some great live music, including headliners Sam and the Womp. Make sure to behave though as Chamberlain freshers will be in attendance!

Archers Road do…Voodoo Lounge (TBC) (8pm-2am): Join your fellow housemates in this no gimmick take-over of Voodoo. Good music, great people and a lot of fun.

Connaught hit Buddah and Tokyo Lounge (8pm-2am): Meet up and head on down for your first taste of Southampton Nightlife. Get to know your fellow fresher’s a bit better and let loose at da club.

Bencraft Go Bonkers (9pm-2am): NO gimmicks, just Bencraft Freshers having a great night out at one of Bedford Place’s classy clubs, Voodoo Lounge (TBC).

Erasmus Park has Detention (8pm-2am): Detention returns for 2012/13! Playing the best in Rock, Pop Punk with bits of Indie and general Alt thrown in, DT has been one of Winchester’s most popular nights over the last two years!

Glen Eyre do ABC (8pm-1:30am): Get your butt to Glen Eyre bar for a great night out. There is only one rule, ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES! Get creative with bin liners, ruin tea towels beyond repair, abuse the tin foil or simply find some leaves. The possibilities are endless.

Highfield Floor Wars (7pm-Midnight) – If you’re in Highfield and don’t fancy going out, why not stay in and get to know your neighbours in the comfort of your own home and find out which is the best block?

Monte’s I’m a Fresher get me out of Here! (8pm-2am): Monte bar becomes a jungle as you Fresher’s become party animals. Jungle is the theme so get busy; grab your monkey onesie, make a lion’s mane or become a tree. Whether you Tarzan or you Jane, go wild!

Orion’s Point Let’s go to the Beach (8pm-2am): Grab your bikinis and trunks for this hot night out. Cheesy Hawaiian shirts or even a Mankini are welcome, apply plenty of sun-cream and of course, don the shades.

Private Rented have a Sport’s Day (8pm-2am): …in the evening?! Don your sports gear and go out for a Grand Slam night. Get a sweaty workout on the dance floor and get gold in shot put at the bar. Just be careful of any hurdles, especially in heels.

Remember to check http://www.susu.org/fresh/2012/ and your JCR’s facebook pages to get more information on their events. Have a great Freshers’ guys!


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