What the heck is going on: Tuesday 25th?


With so many events and activities happening during Freshers’ Week, with SUSU and your JCR’s alone, Wessex Scene makes it as simple as possible to know what’s happening on what days so you can decide how and where to spend your precious Freshers’ Week.

Help and Support Day (10am-3pm): Now you’re beginning settle in, some anxieties may be arising. Hopefully you’ll be distracted by the awesomeness that is Southampton, but why not pop down to the Union to see what they have to offer to ensure your stay is fun, care-free and healthy. There may even be some freebies.

Greetings from…SUSU Winchester (10am-3pm): Head to Winchester’s Union and learn about everything SUSU has to offer there, including clubs, societies and support. Plus, have a look around at the beautiful sights the town boasts.

Mature & Postgrad Social (3pm-6pm): Pop down to the Bridge bar to sample some of the brand new menu and chill out on the plush chairs, all whilst meeting and socialising with fellow mature, postgrad and part-time students.

Chamberlain Sports Induction (6pm-8pm): Learn more about the sports and teams you can join to help your hall beat all the others.

Union Films Presents: The Hunger Games (7pm-9:30pm): May the odds be forever in your favour! Head down to the Union’s cinema for one of the summer’s most anticipated films.

Comedy Central Live (7pm-12am): Fancy a giggle? Head down to the Bridge bar for the brand new Comedy Central Night for a side splitting night of humour. Yes, the actual Comedy Central! Michael McIntyre, Jack Whitehall, and Sarah Millican are just a few of the famous names this tour can drop!

Archers Road’s Super Hero Night (8pm-2am): Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a bunch of Archer’s Road Freshers hitting Café Parfait all kitted out as superheroes and villains. Get your spandex at the ready and dust off your cape for this super evening.

Bencraft Invade (8pm-2am): Orange Rooms is the target so get in your army gear and take over the place. Camouflage everything and take plenty of shots as you cause some carnage.

Chamberlain Quids In (8pm-2am): Meet at Glen Bar and then head down to Orange Rooms for a great night and a chance to win big with the money on the door!

Connaught & Monte have Book Club (8pm-10pm): Get to know some more people in your halls through the hobby of reading. Talk about your favourites, debate endings and maybe find some new books as well as friends.

Connaught T-Shirt Party (8pm-2am): Head to the bar with your Freshers’ pack T-Shirt and get to know your new neighbours better. Bring a pen!

Erasmus Park Games Night (8pm-10pm): Head down to the JCR for a night of fun and games with your fellow Freshers.

Erasmus Park Winchester Walkabout (8pm-11pm): Want to know the best pubs in Winchester? Whether blatantly obvious or hidden away, your JCR will show the must-go places for a drink.

Glen Eyre Teas and Cake Session (8pm-10pm): Want a night in? Why not go to the PDR for some chit chat with your neighbours, JCR’s and RSA’s. Plus, there’s cake!

Glen Eyre Toga Party (8pm-2am): Grab your towels and bed sheets and go Grecian in the infamous Jesters. Just make sure you don’t wear sandals because…you’ll see.

Highfield Gets Quizzical (7pm-11pm): Show your smarts or just make some crazy guesses with the chance to win some prizes, as well as having a good old chinwag.

Highfield Toga-tastic (8pm-2am): Highfield goes Grecian! Grab your towels and bedsheets and head out to Orange rooms for a night out fit for an emperor.

Orion’s Point UV Rave (8pm-2am): Dress brightly and be seen. Fluorescent yellows, neon pinks and garish greens, anything that will make you impossible to miss.

Private Rented do Buddah and Tokyo Lounge (8pm-2am): You and your fellow Private Rented Freshers venture down to Bedford Place for a 90’s themed night out. Prepare for some classic tunes.

Union Films Presents: Cabin in the Woods (10pm-11:30pm): Head down to the Union’s cinema for this creepy Horror about a mysterious cabin, which gives 5 college friends more than they bargained for.


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