Road Traffic Accident on Portswood Road


An ambulance, paramedic car and police car are assembled outside Sainsbury’s in Portswood to deal with a Road Traffic Accident.

At approximately 7:30pm this evening a Road Traffic Accident occurred on Portswood Road. The incident involved a Fiat Punto and a Volkswagen Golf. The drivers of the Fiat explained that as they attempted to turn right into the Sainsbury’s car park, the driver of the silver Volkswagen Golf failed to give way, resulting in a collision between the two vehicles.

As the photograph below shows, the front bumper of the Fiat Punto was crushed in the collision.

Photograph taken by Sera Berksoy

Although Police at the scene declined to officially comment, one officer remarked that “it had the potential to be quite nasty” but that the situation was not as bad as the damage to the Fiat Punto suggested.

Paramedics were called to the scene but nobody was seriously injured. The drivers of the Fiat Punto said ‘no one is hurt, but both parties are shaken up’. Though we are waiting for an official Police statement, the incident seemed to be under control and traffic didn’t seem to have been affected.

Photograph taken by Sera Berksoy

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