What the heck is going on: Wednesday 26th?


With so many events and activities happening during Freshers’ Week, with SUSU and your JCR’s alone, Wessex Scene makes it as simple as possible to know what’s happening on what days so you can decide how and where to spend your precious Freshers’ Week.

Bunfight (9am-3pm): The infamous and much anticipated Bunfight is finally here! Head down to the Union to get the low-down on 180 societies and 78 sports. The perfect way to continue something your love or even start something new, just get involved. Also, come say hi to us in our red hoodies!

Bencraft Onsie Film Night (7pm-11pm): Head down to the JCR for a quiet and cosy night of watching films with your new neighbours.

Private Rented gets Quizzical (7pm-11pm): Head to the Bridge for some brain teasing questions and prove to your new neighbours you know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Monte Speed Mating (7pm-11pm): Fancy making friends and remembering them the next morning?  Head down to your JCR for something like speed dating, but for friends.

Highfield Film and Pizza Night (7pm-11pm): Fancy a quiet one? Pop into South Hill Common Room with a pizza and enjoy some films with friends. What better opportunity to whip out the onesie?

Glen Eyre’s Trago Lounge (7pm-11pm): Good food + lovely people = lovely night out. Hang out with your fellow freshers and sample the delights Trago Lounge has to offer.

Connaught Film and Pizza Night (7pm-11pm): Fancy a quiet one? Pop into the JCR with a pizza and enjoy some films with friends. Another opportunity to whip out the onesie!

Erasmus Park Wednesday Mash-Up – Get your Quiz on (9pm-11pm): Join SUSU and your JCR for this evening of fun, quizzing, socialising and of course, prizes!

Union Films Presents: The Artist (7:30pm-9:30pm): Fancy a film? Visit the Union’s cinema for this screening of the Oscar-winning silent movie. What better way to get a bit of culture into your Freshers’?

Archers Road’s Games and Pizza Night (8pm-10pm): Feeling nostalgic? Pop into your JCR with a pizza and enjoy some classic board games. Even more opportunity to whip out the onesie!

Archers Road & Connaught We Love U.V. (8pm-2am): Join your fellow freshers in orange rooms for this U.V. filled evening. Garish Neon colours are more than welcomed.

Chamberlain’s FIFA Tournament (8pm-11pm): Fancy yourself as the next virtual Pele? Prove your FIFA skills at the South Hill Common Room and see who will be crowned Chamber’s Champion.

Orion’s Point Safari (8pm-2am): Time to go wild! Orion’s Point is going on Safari and you guys are the main attraction! Dress up as an animal for this great night out.

Glen Eyre Book Club (8pm-10pm): If you like to read or just like people who do then here’s your chance to meet some people, talk about books and maybe get some recommendations.

Connaught and Erasmus Park have Tea and Cake Sessions (8pm-10pm): Fancy a quiet night in? Why not head down for some chit chat with your neighbours, JCR’s and RSA’s. Plus, there’s cake!

Bencraft, Chamberlain, Glen Eyre, Highfield, Monte and Private Rented need Student Therapy (9pm-3am): It’s Battle of the JCR’s! Join hundreds of other freshers’ in one of Southampton’s biggest clubs, Oceana. Wear your halls colour and prepare to prove why you’re the best.


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