Emergency Funding in Place for Southampton Students after Failure of Student Finance


Despite being scheduled for payment on 27th September, it is likely that hundreds of students across the University will not be receiving their loans for up to a maximum of ten days.

Due to the installation of a new system by the Student Loans Company, which has experienced two crashes in the weeks leading up to their first national payment to students and consequently led to delays, some students will receive their loans well after the initial date set.

Those students who postponed enrolling to the University of Southampton for their student finance are the most likely to be affected, with those who were able to submit their applications before the deadline date in June hopefully not experiencing problems. However students who missed the deadline and had to enrol in September, or decided on a place at University last-minute, will be more likely to be affected. With students being told to expect delays of anything from 7-10 days, to 2 weeks, the University has now been forced to push the loans company into action.

The main problem arising from the situation is how those students who were relying on their loans as a means for food and bare necessities will cope. Thankfully help is at hand as the University have decided to extend their emergency loan situation in light of the failures of the Student Loans Company. Although these emergency loans are usually dedicated to very extreme circumstances, the Union is working with the University to address the issue and help those in need.

The sum looks to be at around £73 a week, although this is not yet confirmed.  Certain circumstances will be taken into account to determine those who will receive it, with the well-established criteria being simplified to reflect the potential emergency of the situation.

Students living in halls will not be charged until their loan reaches them. Private rented students should talk to their landlords about their situation and, if affected, should explain that the money will be there within the next couple of weeks. If such issues arise and it can be proven that a student needs the financial help of the University, then it will be given as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If anyone hasn’t received their loan and is worried about their financial position, contact Student Services.

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 9am -5.30pm

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September: 11am-4pm


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