Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register Lowers Sign Up Age



Earlier this week, Anthony Nolan – the charity who run the largest bone marrow register in the country – lowered their sign up age to 16 in the hope of raising the numbers on their register. It is believed that including 16 and 17 year olds on the register will enable the charity to increase the number of lives that they can save.

This marks an incredible milestone for the charity who have recently focused on recruiting men between the ages of 18 and 30. This has now been lowered to 16. Teenagers in the country will make history as they become the youngest ever people to sign up to a global network of potential bone marrow donors and save the lives of blood cancer sufferers. The change will enable the charity to save more lives as statistically transplants with younger donors have always been more successful. The upper age limit still stands and you cannot join the register if you are over 30.

Henny Braund Anthony Nolan Chief Executive says: “The first ever bone marrow register was started in the UK in 1974 to find a donor for our namesake, Anthony Nolan. Since then, registers have sprung up across the world and together we save lives every day but many still die. Now we are taking the lead again by acting to lower the average age of donors and save even more lives.”

This is good news for the university’s student group Southampton Marrow who look to recruit students to the national registers. Gracie Friend Southampton Marrow President says: “The age change is a great opportunity for raising awareness and signing potential donors to the national register. We are excited to educate colleges and young people in order to hopefully help Anthony Nolan save more lives!”

Southampton Marrow are busy recruiting Fresher’s throughout the next few weeks, visiting halls across Southampton and this change will enable the group to recruit even more people by going in to schools and actively promoting the charity. If you would like to join the register you can catch Marrow at the following halls:

Monte – Thursday 4th October – 5-8pm in The Bar – Monte
Glen Eyre – Tuesday 9th October – 5-8pm in The Bar – Glen
Archers Road – Thursday 11th October – 5-8pm in Gateley Common Room
Highfield – Tuesday 16th October – 5-8pm in The Bar – Highfield
Orion’s Point – Thursday 18th October – 5-8pm in Orion’s Point Reception.

Give A Spit…Save A Life.


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