Instagram: A Photographer’s Opinion


Instagram, launched in 2010 by Apple’s App store is a photo sharing website, android and iPhone app available to download for free. Instagram is all about connecting people through photos and by April 2012, the app had 30 million users. However, now the hype of Instagram has started to take a hold, what do you think of its features and is it really worth all that excitement?


It enables you to take photographs, add a choice of filters and focuses to edit your images before uploading them to your personal page. These edits can then be shared via your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts. In addition, you can choose to follow your friends and other users. Many industries are using this form of photo-sharing to advertise their latest products and also to allow you to add and tag your own images of you in a brand or companies clothes.

I spoke to a second year Photography Student at Winchester School of Art, who shared his opinions on Instagram:

He praised the app for its accessibility to allow anyone, including those without proper camera equipment, to experiment with photography and share their creations with friends on various social network sites. They can receive a small insight into the process of taking a photograph and editing it.

However, he feels frustrated at the ease in which an average photograph can be enhanced with a filter; creating an excessive confidence in people that their snapshots are a winning piece of photography.  “Truth be told, no one is really interested in seeing what you had for dinner, even with the X-Pro 2 colour filter!” It tarnishes the real skills, time and effort that are put into setting up a quality shoot and taking an interesting and dynamic photograph. The app makes people think they have taken a quality photo when really it is a snapshot with no real thought or planning, other than to show what they are doing or eating at that particular time!

He doesn’t use the app himself, but says “it is interesting to see via Facebook what other people are posting onto Instagram.”

I think it is important to remember that Instagram is just a quick way to upload images and share them with friends, but it most certainly doesn’t make you the next Mario Testino!



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