Roosters Piri Piri Sees Second Fire in Portswood in 24 Hours


Roosters Piri Piri on Portswood Highstreet is on fire, and is the second blaze in the area in 24 hours.

After speaking to the Chief Firefighter at the scene, the Wessex Scene was told that the blaze started in the extraction system after a serious anomaly with the extractor fans, though it is believed that the fans were clean. The fire then spread through the roof spaces.

Firefighters tackled the flames quickly to ensure that it didn’t affect any of the large number of rooms involved, avoiding risk of further danger. The first attending crew put the fire out whilst checking that persons in the  surrounding buildings and areas were safe.

It is reported that the only people in Roosters at the time were the two owners, who eventually removed themselves from the restaurant, albeit reluctantly. The owners thought there was no fire, as they couldn’t see the flames. Members of the public subsequently raised the alarm.

Image courtesy of Sera Berksoy

The flats surrounding the building have been evacuated by Police, but have not been told when they will be able to go back into their homes. There have been no reported injuries. Members of the public spoke of a strong smell of burning food.

Image courtesy of Bryony Wellburn

Portswood highstreet came to a standstill as locals, students and passers-by stopped to watch the drama unfold.

This fire comes just one day after an area next to Machine Mart on Portswood Road was in flames, as reported HERE by the Wessex Scene

One policeman at the scene said:

‘So far, all we know is that there has been a fire at Roosters this morning.’

It is expected that more information will be provided over the next few hours as to the cause of the fire and the damaged caused.

Surge Radio also covered the incident, which can be found HERE


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