Q&A with NUS President Liam Burns at Campus This Evening


A Question and Answer session with Liam Burns, President of the National Union of Students (NUS), is taking place this evening on Highfield Campus.

The event will be from 6pm until 8pm in Building 54 (Maths Building), Room 4011. This is ahead of  Southampton University’s own referendum on the issue of affiliation to the NUS; the referendum vote will be on  Thursday, December 6.

A brief presentation on what the NUS is will be followed by a Question and Answer session with Liam Burns.

The event is being run by ‘The Yes2NUS Team’ and is labelled theYes 2 NUS Launch Event – Q&A with Liam Burns’ on Facebook.

Most importantly, it is open to both those who will be voting Yes and No, as well as those who are yet to decide.

The image is taken from the event’s Facebook page.

Liam Burns, President of the National Union of Students in the UK, gained his position in July 2011, and has since been re-elected in April 2012. He beat four other candidates to the position in 2012 and will serve in this position until July 2013.

Ahead of the event, questions can be emailed to ‘yes2nus@gmail.com’. Questions will also be taken from the floor and from twitter while the Q&A is in session. Questions delivered through Twitter should be to ‘@Yes2NUS’, while those who would like to follow the online debate should follow the #Yes2NUS hashtag.

If you’re unable to attend, the Wessex Scene will be live blogging the whole event from 6pm.


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    Questions sent in advance to stand ‘a higher chance of being asked’ – what is this, Parliament?

    Why can’t there just be a frank and open debate without pre-planned responses?

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      The room’s booked for two hours – are sure all questions will be asked – the questions beforehand is to get the ball rolling, because there is always that awkward start. The article is definitely wrong it that regard, we’re not prepping him up to deliver answers to stock questions and that’s it

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        Thanks for the response Sasha. I have strong opinions on this issue but I (and I’m sure the majority of others to) want there to be a genuine debate with both sides able to ask questions and make the most of the resources out there so I’m reassured by your answer. 🙂

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    As this event is being organised the by the Yes team, it sounds like they need Liam Burns to fight their battle for them!

    If their campaign really was taking a student led approach and were passionate about the NUS then why do they external help!

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      It’s actually more about getting him down to hear it from the horse’s mouth. There are a lot of accusations going around, myths, rumours – fear-mongering, basically – and you might not believe me if I said that our independence would not be affected at all by joining – but perhaps if the President of the organisation himself says it, then maybe you will.

      And the students running the Yes team are doing a lot more than just organising a talk with Liam – they’ve made the website (www.yes2nus.com), they’ve maintained the Fan Page, and done lots already in terms of other forms of campaigning – this is just one avenue that they decided to use as well, because they thought people would find value in being able to ask him anything.

      Come along – look forward to seeing you there, hardly surprised!

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      Or, given there is so much interest and so much to question the chance ot interrigate the President of the NUS is a valuable one. Its absolutely a student led campaign, and you’ll not see any member of the NUS campaigning on our campus’ during the referendum.

      However its surly far more transparrent to allow students to ask questions directly rather than have their questions and answers funneled through yes campaign members.

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    Its good to see how quickly the sabbs reply to comments on here. Nothing better to be doing? Stop promoting your bunching and do some real work.

    Also, disappointed in the Wessex Scene for this unbiased piece of promotion.

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      Do you mean real work like the University Challange tryouts I’m currently arranging, or the Union Master Plan brief that I’m reviewing this morning.

      There is always the Senate report I’ve just finished, I could get back to working on that?

      Or how about the sites visits that I’m sceduling?

      If I’m not getting the balance between engaging directly with students, and working on projects to change the Union for the better feel free to send me an email, post with your actual name, or ask me a question at Union council.

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      Alexander James Green

      I think you probably meant biased, but nonetheless, this is not the case. Firstly, by stating something is happening – we haven’t commented on our views on it – we are merely making the students aware of an important event that they should be interested and that is our role as the student newspaper.

      Secondly, the focus will be very much on the Q&A with Liam Burns than anything else, as this is something that interests the Yes & No NUS teams – I’m certain members from the No team will be in attendance.

      And lastly, we will be covering No events in the future – they unfortunately don’t run at the same time though, so we can only strive to be as neutral as we can be.

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