Winchester Work Experience: Sarah Benson


Name: Sarah Benson

Course: Level 3 Graphic Arts, Graphic Design Pathway

Tell us about where you worked during your internship, giving a brief description of the company:

The company that I completed my internship at is called Good Company, a Graphic Designer’s based off of Regent Street in London. It is mainly run by just one guy called Stefano who has completed a variety of work for clients such as Chatila, (a diamond jewellers on Bond Street in London), QIPCO, Fitzdares, any many other similar clients.

How long did you internship last for?

My internship lasted over a period of 6 weeks, however I worked for 4 and a half of these as Stefano went on a trip to America.

How did you go about getting the work placement?

A friend from Uni showed me an advert for the internship on Its Nice That, telling me that it was the perfect internship for me. I sent an email to Good Company, along with my CV and a link to some of my work. I didn’t get a reply from them straight away, so I sent another email a few weeks later to make sure they received it.

Stefano then replied, asking for me to come for an interview in London!

I went along to the interview and it went really well. Stefano told me that he would be in touch soon. He then replied to me saying that he already had an intern for the time that I was going for originally, but he offered me a placement for the next month instead.

Was it easy to get in contact with the company?

Yes, Stefano was really good at replying to his emails. I had to send a few follow up emails however, it’s always worth pestering if you haven’t heard back from internships that you have applied for.

 Any interview tips?

Yes, the obvious ones apply: being punctual, well dressed, and professional. Make sure you have your portfolio prepared fully, know what’s in it and know what you want to say about each piece of work. Don’t take too much work in your portfolio as well, this ensures that you can go in-depth about particular pieces you’re proud of. Also, post-interview, make sure you are proactive with chasing up afterwards. I nearly missed out on my placement by waiting for them to contact me, instead, use your initiative and contact the company first.

Why did you choose this company?

They just described what they were about in their internship advert and it sounded perfect. Exactly what I am considering doing after university.

What were your main roles?

The projects that I have worked on are confidential for the time being as they have not been completed, however I worked on a lot of different projects, flicking between different ones during the day.

I mainly worked on logos and websites, footers for emails and Christmas cards, as well attending meetings. At the end of each day I had to send off a time sheet of what we had worked on during the day to an associate.

It was really fun because Stefano let me work on his own live projects, giving me guidance when I needed it.

What have you learned by working here?

I have learnt basic details about design and how to work. I have also learnt a lot about the logistics of running a design company, client meetings, material sourcing etc.

Have you improved any skills?

I have mainly improved my knowledge. Stefano was really willing to share his knowledge in the industry, and that’s what made it so worthwhile and exciting.

Do you think this experience will help you to obtain a career in the future?

Hopefully, working on this internship has helped to develop me as a designer and given me more confidence in my own ambitions and ability.

Do you have any tips for other students who wish to apply for Work Experience?

Go for it. Internships will always help in one way or another. Even if it makes you realize that you don’t want to end up in a particular place or working in a particular area. However, if it goes well, it can increase your knowledge and it can also be a lot of fun!



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