Man Convicted of Wheelie Bin Murder


Jamie Dack, 22, was found beaten and burned in a bin on Easter Sunday 2012

A man has been convicted of the murder of Jamie Dack, seven months after his body was found in an industrial bin.

Lee Nicholls, 28, attacked ‘vulnerable’ Mr Dack over Easter weekend 2012. Mr Dack’s body was discovered on Easter Sunday at the Empress Road Industrial Estate, near Thomas Lewis Way.

Mr Nicholls’s plea was altered after originally having denied Mr Dack’s murder. He has 138 previous convictions, and has been to prison 22 times.

Two other men and one woman are still on trial. Ryan Woodmansey, 31, Andrew Dwyer-Skeats, 26, and Donna Chalk, 21, have admitted perverting the course of justice through cleaning the scene of the crime, as well as assisting with the disposal of the body. However, all deny murder.

The Wessex Scene reported on the incident back in April, when the body was discovered and when Mr Dack was eventually identified.

Mr Dack, 22, was from Millbrook Road West, and had been a student at Totton College.


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