Cyclist Hit on Shaftesbury Avenue


A cyclist has been involved in a collision with a car on Shaftesbury Avenue at around 7:30pm this evening.

Photograph taken by Jack Kanani

The male collided with a small red car when he was riding along the road away from Portswood High Street. He went over his handlebars and over the car.

One ambulance arrived and the injured male was put onto a stretcher and placed in the back of the ambulance.

Photograph taken by Jack Kanani

The woman driver of the car stayed at the scene, along with her back seat passenger. When asked of his well-being  they said that he was conscious and talking.

The Policeman at the scene told Wessex Scene that the man was just going to get checked over at Hospital.

This is all the information we have currently, when we know more this article will be updated.


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