Debates, votes and results: An NUS Referendum Timetable


In less than a week, the University of Southampton’s students will be voting on whether our student union, SUSU, should be affiliating with the National Union of Students (NUS).

Still unsure what it is all about? Not sure which way to vote? Well, SUSU want to make it as easy as possible for students at SUSU to get both involved in the referendum and to help them make the most informed chance they can.

So if you’re still interested in learning more about the arguments – both for and against affiliation – then here are a few events that are happening in the next week, including three debates between the ‘Yes2NUS’ and ‘NotoNUS’ campaign teams, that should help!

Sunday 2nd December – 18:00

This first debate will be Montefiore Halls; with the main focus around the issues that may influence freshers. They are, after all, the people who will be most affected by any proposed affiliation being only in their first year of studies at the University.

Tuesday 4th December – 14:00

The second debate will be situated at the Winchester Campus. It will get a chance for students from the art school to discuss the issues as well as allow questions from students who may wonder how the NUS will influence ‘Sites’.

Wednesday 5th December – 18:00

The final and main debate will be at The Bridge Bar; as the last source of campaigning, both teams will be desperately trying to persuade those still last-minute undecided voters.

Referendum Timetable

Anybody is welcome to them and, even if you can’t make it, SUSU media outlets will be providing coverage of the events!

Thursday 6th December – 0:00 to 18:00 = VOTE!

Voting begins from midnight on Thursday 6th December and will continue for 18 hours until 6pm.

And the results will be announced an hour after voting ends at 19:00 on Thursday

For more information – including the rules, FAQs and how to get involved – go to the SUSU NUS Referendum Page.


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