Students Vote To Keep SUSU Out Of NUS


After months of action, weeks of campaigning and a fair bit of controversy along the way too, Southampton University Student’s Union will NOT be affiliating with the NUS.

Results show that the motion of affiliation was rejected by nearly 75% of students, with the ballot finishing with 3595 votes against joining the national body; and 1296 student voting for.

SUSU will therefore remain independent.

Voting has been taking place all day, beginning at midnight last night until 6pm today.

Nearly 20% of the student population voted in the election with an impressive turnout of 4891 votes, beating the 3000 target set by SUSU and an jump from the 3444 votes of the 2010 referendum.

However, the result shows an even more conving rejection of NUS affiliation then was seen in 2010, which saw the student body reject the move by 2 votes to 1. In this case, it has been rejected by nearly 3 votes to every 1 for; with 73.4% of students voting against joining the NUS.

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    vote of no confidence of the sabbs that ran? clearly they’re not acting with the wishes of the majority of students…

    Philip Adler

    At what point are they not acting with the wishes of students?

    The part where they asked the SUSU AGM if they wanted a referendum, and the student body present there said yes?

    The part where because of an inquorate AGM, the motions from there were taken to Union Council, the members of which ratified the referendum?

    Or the part where they did all of this, agreed to be bound by a referendum vote, rather than taking it through one of the many other routes that the Sabbs can take to make Union policy?

    Are you going to impeach all of the Union Councillors? How are you intending to exact retribution on the AGM attendees? Are you seriously suggesting that we should be removing sabbaticals who are self-aware enough to understand that they might not have the majority behind them on an issue, and so summon a massive reality check before taking action?

    Contrary to your assertion, this whole episode has been exactly about Sabbaticals aligning Union Policy with the wishes of students.

    just saying

    The part where it is clear the students don’t and didn’t want the NUS to happen, but it still came to referendum. Not that many people go to the AGM (100 or so), so it’s not exactly hard or unbelievable for the sabbs to get their mates to come along to vote for it – the AGM isn’t really publicised (a facebook event doesn’t count) and let’s be honest the vast majority of students (i.e. no to NUS) don’t care about it and wouldn’t go – hence easy to get the referendum passed.

    Philip Adler

    So let me be clear- your argument is that the Sabbs’ stacked the vote in a meeting that you don’t care enough about to go to (I don’t buy the ‘it wasn’t well advertised’- I was sick of hearing about it by the time I got there on the day), where all they asked was whether the student body wanted to do a referendum to ask the Student Body something… and they would do this even though they knew (‘it is clear’) that it would be a foregone conclusion (no vote)- and your thought as to the reason they did this was to achieve what exactly? And you believe that because people can’t be bothered to attend a meeting where they had the ample opportunity to overturn the decisions made, that we should impeach and punish the Sabbs, and that we should by extension punish the AGM attendees and council members who are clearly part of a plot to accomplish not much at all?

    It might be clear to all now, in the wake of the referendum that no, SUSU don’t want to join the NUS. But that was the point of the referendum. Clearly the people at the AGM and Union Council didn’t share your clairvoyant clarity of vision. Excuse them for being human (and generating a failsafe for their flawed human judgement).

    If people felt so strongly about the fact that SUSU was putting on a referendum, then they should feel strongly enough to attend the meeting which was pre-advertised, and stop said referendum. Engagement cannot always be one way.

    Common Sense

    Yes but a referendum in 2010 was held and that result was a strong rejection of the NUS. The relelected Sabs then failed to put NUS in their manifestos and then had a miraculous epiphany in May 2012 (unbeleivable I you ask me) and proposed a referendum on whether or not to affiliate.

    To hold a referendum so soon after 2010, especially since there hasn’t been a previous referendum in 10 years was strange to say the least.

    The Sabs lacked a mandate to hold a referendum and they misjudged the ability of Southampton students to see through the political bollocks and downright ineffectiveness of the Labour student dominated NUS.

    SUSU can be proud though, students were offered an unbiased and fair choice and in the end voted for common sense.

    If only the staff advising the Sabs would realise that Southampton is special and unique and that is something to be celebrated and not rail roaded into an organisation that the majority of 18-24 year olds do not identify with an fail to support.

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    20% is an “impressive turnout” – really?


    For an election like this, yes.


    Better than the PCC elections AND it didn’t cost £75 million! Shows how much SUSU members care. Maybe now Southampton will shed its apolitical image

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    Maybe it should be a requirement in the future that if a sabb wants to propose/campaign for a change in being part of the NUS (either no to yes or yes to no depending where we are in the future) then it must be part of their manifesto when running for position? this would have cleared up/nullified a lot of arguments in this referendum!

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