Top Tips to Keep Your Student House Safe Over Christmas


It might seem like obvious advice, but the amount of student houses which become victims of burglary over the festive period are on the rise: private rented and student let accommodation are twice as likely as Halls of Residence to experience a break-in. Following the Wessex Scene’s simple tips should help keep you and your valuables safe whilst you’re enjoy Christmas at home!

You don’t want this guy creeping around your house…
  1. The simplest yet most effective way of deterring potential thieves is to keep your doors and windows locked, a very useful deterrent for opportunists who might try their luck at the back door to your house.
  2. Remove keys from out of sight of windows and front doors. Don’t make it easy for burglars to enter.
  3. Registering any valuables at or writing down the serial numbers of your possessions ensures that, should they be stolen, the police will find it much easier to track and return them to their owner. Marking belongings with a UV pen also helps trace them back to you.
  4. If any valuables are left behind, make sure they’re kept out of sight in a cupboard or left in a friend’s house who will be there over the holidays
  5. Timer switches on lamps are particularly effective at creating the illusion of people inside the house. If placed at the front of your house, it looks like someone is in to anyone who might be passing and thus deters a burglar who might think the house is empty.
  6. Any deliveries which may be regular during term time, such as milk, should be cancelled: nothing says an empty house like ten bottles of stagnant semi-skimmed.
  7. Get insurance! It’s relatively cheap, and considering the average cost of a student break in is around £900, its well worth spending a little extra to make sure you’re not wasting any Christmas cash on a new laptop.

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