Are YOU Up To The Challenge?


Are YOU up to the challenge? These guys are…

This year RAG has launched their RAG Challenge, an exciting opportunity for any societies or sports clubs to be rewarded for their efforts in fundraising. From food to paid-for nights out, RAG will be providing rewards throughout the year to the societies that show their on-going commitment to fundraising alongside their normal activities. At the end of the year we will also have a RAG Awards Night, where we will give out our Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to the societies and clubs that have raised the required amounts.

The RAG Committee with Pudsey
The RAG Committee with Pudsey

It’s a lot easier than you think to raise money for charity, especially if you have the support of an entire team/society behind you! RAG are always about on the concourse with cakes, Krispy Kremes, sweets, games and all sorts and we always find we raise a decent amount. Quick Tip – FOOD SELLS!

For the more adventurous, why not do something sponsored? If you’re a sports team use that to your advantage and do something in your field. Societies too will each have something unique to offer. Play to your strengths!

Apart from a massive boost of good karma and an enormous sense of well-being, (gnaww!), RAG are also rewarding societies throughout the year!

Our ultimate prizes, the prestigious Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, are given out when a club/society reaches certain amounts; Bronze – £500, Silver – £1000 and Gold – £2500. These may seem daunting, but there are already groups that achieve well beyond this annually without our support! As you achieve these throughout the year you will be rewarded for your efforts, with great prizes including tickets for nights out.

It’s important to remember too, that raising money for charity and volunteering are excellent things to put on your CV and another great way to boost your employability.

It’s really simple to get involved with RAG challenge, just start fundraising! You can fundraise for any charity you like, just let us know what you’re up to and how much you raise and we’ll keep tabs for you on what’s been achieved!


The results so far…

Some groups have already been fundraising throughout the first half of the year and we have the results here! Congratulations to those who have achieved prizes so far, we will be in contact soon with information as to what you’ve won!

Boxing Club – £2,792.49


Student Adventures Kilimanjaro Trip- £2337

Islamic Society – £1,267.72


Link- £945.77

Paediatric Society- £819

Showstoppers – £771.90

Cameroon Catalyst- £519

And the rest!
Running Club – £489.54

Barnardos – £367.23

Glen Eyre – £233.06

Monte – £197.16

Kirstie Pullman, The Georgetown Trust – £140.58

Archers Road – £135.25

Chamberlain – £134.31

Atheist Society – £38.00

Bencraft – £28.06

Highfield – £23.01

If you’ve done any fundraising so far this year and have not been mentioned in this article, be sure to contact us and we will add you to our RAG Challenge leader-board, which can be found on our blog here.

If you require any further information about RAG Challenge, want to send in fundraising totals or enquire about anything RAG related, contact us on


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