Nine Bikes Reported Stolen from University in just One Week


Police confirm that nine bikes have been reported as stolen from the University grounds in just one week.

The statement was released on Twitter via the account @UniCopsSoton which is used to alert the student population of crimes, incidents and appeals in and around the University’s campuses. Though only nine bike thefts were mentioned, the tweet suggest that more may have gone unreported.


The number of bike thefts on campus has been relatively high, with police claiming that it is a significant problem at the moment. With large numbers of students using facilities such as Hartley Library during the exam period, the police are keen to alert students to the importance of bike security.

Bikes are at risk of theft both on campus and around Southampton if they are not secured properly.
Bikes are at risk of theft both on campus and around Southampton if they are not secured properly.

Using a D-Lock rather than a chain is advisable, because chains can be easily cut or broken. D-Locks are available to purchase in the SUSU shop as well as in local stores around Portswood and the City Center.

If your bike is stolen, contact police on 101.

The Wessex Scene will be bringing you more bike security and safety advice in the new term.


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    Every bike owner should use a D-lock when leaving their bikes anywhere out of good common sense.

    However, just as it’s wrong to blame the victim of assault for not taking proper precautions, I don’t think it’s OK to be placing responsibility on the victims of bike theft so disproportionately.

    Campus should be something of a safe haven, why isn’t the necessary security in place to ensure the thieves are either caught or discouraged from stealing bikes in the first place?

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    If your D-Lock doesn’t fit round the front wheel then get a cable or a coil as well. Most bikes have quick release wheels on making them easy to steal and on a bik about half the value is in the wheels.

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    Out of curiosity, what are the University doing to deter this kind of behaviour? Is there sufficient CCTV coverage, and if not why not?

    It’s all very well and good telling people to buy D locks but you reduce crime through fighting the cause, and if there’s no one around to monitor behaviour it’s a hell of a lot more tempting to break through a chain and nick a bike.

    Connor Figg

    My bike was stolen last week. The only way he could have left monte halls with it was through the front entrance that is covered by 2 CCTV cameras. When the police reveiwed the footage, they said it was too blurry to make anything out. It is now up to me to cover the cost of a new bike as there is no insurance for rooms either. I feel horribly let down.

    Joe Hart

    The uni do offer secure bike storage on campus and in halls for only a £10 deposit.

    Connor Figg

    We were never informed of this. I saw caged areas by other blocks but our block only had railing to which we can chain the bikes.

    Claire Joines

    Come now Joe, is the solution really to get students to spend money on secure bike cages (which, if every student used them, would not cover the entire bike-riding student population) or is the correct solution for the University to protect its students aptly by providing proper CCTV and security?

    I think the latter.

    I’ll ask again: what are the University doing to improve their protection and security?

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    Rather than just dispensing advice about how students should be spending more money to secure their bikes, shouldn’t the Uni and the Police actually be working to catch whoever keeps committing these thefts? There is obviously a serious problem with bike theft in Southampton, as there have also been numerous motorbike thefts over the past 6 months, yet I haven’t heard anything about improvements to campus security, CCTV, or any stories of the police finding and returning the bikes to their owners. It seems more should be done about this than just telling students to ‘use a D-lock’.



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