Police at Hartley Today to Help Students Secure their Valuables


Hampshire Police officers will be at Hartley Library today registering students property on Immobilise.

Police officers aim to be at Hartley Library today from around 4pm – 7pm, providing they are not re-directed by another incident.

Immobilise is a property register where users can keep a record of their possessions, in particular items which are popular to thieves such as laptops, mobile phones, iPods and bikes. The system will then help to recover stolen items and may deter thefts in the first place. Immobilise is also completely free, and students are being encouraged to use it by both Hampshire Police and the SUSU Advice Centre


 The bid to get student property registered comes just days after nine bikes were reported as stolen from the university campus in just one week. A disturbance was also caused by the alleged  theft of a mobile phone in the library earlier this week.

Students are constantly being urged not to leave valuables such as laptops and mobile phones alone in the library due to the risk of theft, and this is extremely significant during  exam period, when the library is incredibly busy.

As well as heading over to Hartley today, students can visit the Immobilise website.

For more information on Immobilise, go to the Hampshire Police website.




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