Confirmation: The University and Its Facilities Will Be OPEN Tomorrow!


Picture taken by Jack Kanani
Picture taken by Jack Kanani

After seeing the closure of the university and the encompassing facilities on Friday evening, desperate students can thankfully utilise university and union facilities tomorrow morning, in order to commence the final preparations for exam revision.

The University of Southampton Facebook page has made a statement of confirmation:

WEATHER UPDATE: The University will resume services as normal on Monday 21 January. All exams will continue as scheduled. The temperatures are still forecast to be around freezing on Monday, so please take care on icy ground and wear appropriate footwear.

The University has warned that conditions are likely to be icy, so students are urged to be careful when making the journey in and to allow for an appropriate amount of time to make it in.

From everyone at the Wessex Scene, we would like to wish you good luck in your revision, exams and coursework deadlines!

If you have any updates on local conditions, photos or local news, please feel free to email: or/and


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    Jack Kanani

    The rule of thought for closing on Friday afternoon was that the exams would have concluded late, at a time which would have been dark, with restricted visibility etc. The conditions to make it back would have negated health and safety policies – the university were trying to keep the students’ well-being as a top priority obviously.

    That is why they have advised students to allow plenty of time and be cautious when making it into the university – made easier now than compared to Friday as public transport should not be affected.

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    So why did it remained closed on saturday and sunday when public transport was fine? Where was I supposed to revise? and how was I supposed to get my books for revision?


    So true!

    I think that they just close it when Professors, Chancellors, etc. can’t travel easily (because they live far away in posh small villages) but most of the students we live quite close, they can’t expect same results stealing us 3 days of proper revision. They should add 10 marks to all our exams! 😀

    Jack Kanani

    Fair point – I honestly don’t know the answer, although I will try to find it for you; we just relay on the message. All I can logically think of is that they would of assumed conditions would not have cleared up soon enough.

    If students are unhappy with the outcome of any decisions made, ensure you communicate those concerns to your Course Representatives, Academic Presidents, Faculty Officers and make sure they get heard by your Sabbatical Officers who are all there to represent you.

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