Southampton Uni Officer Training Corps Open Day Tomorrow



Southampton University Officer Training Corps are running a Leadership day on Wednesday, February 6.

The group will meet outside SUSU at 1230 tomorrow, and will go to the location of the event from there.

Those who attend will be given an explanation of what it is to be in the Officer Training Corps, as well as the chance to experience activities relating to a career in either the Territorial Army or Armed Forces. The role and responsibility of an Officer to lead and inspire in the army will also be explored.

The event aims to explain the aims of the Training Corps and to gain new recruits, whilst being interesting and enlightening.

Participators are advised to wear sports wear (tracksuit bottoms) and trainers, with smart clothing (chinos, shirt etc) for the bar afterwards.

Anyone considering joining the forces, or to learn about the army and the opportunities it can provide, are encouraged to attend as this is only an introduction, with no obligation for future attendance.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to register interest in writing to


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    This isn’t news, it’s advertising.

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    And this website isn’t just about news. It’s about journalism. You should look it up.

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