The Feminism Series: Coming Soon


The Wessex Scene is launching a Feminism Series, in which there will be a regular stream of articles relating to absolutely any aspect of feminism. No matter what brand of feminism you are, and even if you point blank refuse to class yourself as such, we welcome your input.

The aim of this series is to start some uninhibited debate on feminism within the Wessex Scene. As well as welcoming writers of all opinions to contribute articles, we encourage a participation from our readership through either comments or answering articles. We encourage controversial, thought-provoking and constructive comments. The Wessex Scene’s editorial guidelines ensure that comments which are aggressive or offensive will not be tolerated. We want all views heard, so please try to write with respect for all parties involved if you want to participate.

We shall endeavour to publish all articles submitted, no matter the opinion. The Wessex Scene is proud to be a platform for all views and opinions to be debated and discussed. And have no doubt about it, any contentious articles will be debated upon!

Coming up: Is Feminism Too Fragmented?

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      Charlotte Harwood

      ‘Proper Journo’ – I’m disappointed you have the view that the debate on feminism is simply a ‘pet subject’, but can assure you that we have had a lot of interest in it. If you are not interested, you do not have to read it! Perhaps if you took the time out of complaining on our website you would find aspects of the feminist debate worth paying some attention to. As a ‘proper journo’ maybe you could contribute a piece yourself, show us how it’s done?

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