Students and Staff Experience ‘Major Problems’ with Email Services


Students and staff at the University of Southampton have been experiencing major issues when trying to access their university email accounts.

The problems, which started on Tuesday, mean that a number of students and staff are unable to access their email accounts, leaving many users confused and frustrated. However, not all accounts are affected, with many still able to use the service as normal.

It is expected that the problem will not be resolved until at least Thursday, when those affected are advised to check the iSolutions website at 10am for further updates.

sussedThe current service status is shown as ‘Red’ on the iSolutions page, indicating that ‘there are significant issues with one or more services which are impacting large groups of staff and/or students.’

iSolutions state that emails are being ‘queued’ and will be available to users once the service is running again. However, precautions are being carried out to ensure data is safe and that the risk of future disruption is minimal.

Those experiencing issues are advised to try to access their accounts in different ways, to check that they really are unable to receive emails:

Some users may find that while they can receive email through Outlook, access via mobile devices is intermittent. We have confirmed that this is linked to the database issue we are experiencing. Retrying with your mobile device should temporarily resolve the issue until service is fully restored.

iSolutions also stresses that:

This issue is being treated as top priority and everything possible is being done to resolve this matter.

One Third Year Computer Science student said:

I haven’t been able to get email on my phone since early this morning. Kind of annoying as it was telling me constantly that my username/password was wrong every time I tried to log in.

It is important for users to note that students with Live@Edu email accounts are not affected by this problem.

For all of the information, visit the iSolutions Website.


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