Communities Sabb Candidate Pulls out of Elections


jessica taylorVP Student Communities Candidate, Jessica Taylor, has pulled out of the Sabbatical Elections.

Jessica is currently studying fine Art at Winchester, and was the only Winchester candidate running for the position.

The withdrawal is for personal reasons. SUSU President, Sam Ling, commended her efforts, stating that:

Elections is a highly pressured process, and even putting yourself forward is to me impressive.

The sabbatical position is concerned with working with and supporting ‘activities at our sites and satellite campuses (Winchester School of Art, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton General Hospital, and others)’, among other responsibilities regarding the representation of student groups and community cohesion.

There are now two candidates running for the position. These are Oliver Coles, and James “Anchorman” Brant. Both candidates include policies on the accessibility of sites.

Jessica took part in a VP Student Communities debate with the two other candidates running for the position, which was released by SUSU TV on Tuesday. This can be seen here.

The Wessex Scene wish Jessica all the best in the future.


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