Time Change for Election Campaigns


Election SymbolSUSU Democracy have  announced that campaigning for the Elections will now start at 12pm on Saturday, February 23.

Campaign teams will now be allowed to display banners and posters around designated parts of the university and union before the original 5pm start time.

Candidates have already been campaigning online this week, using social networking sites, their own websites and YouTube to persuade students to vote for them.

The upcoming elections are highly contested this year, with as many as seven candidates for one role, providing students with the hard task of deciding who will represent them at the highest level.

However, with the hordes of campaign teams and candidates who have been meticulously planning the event (with one candidate planning 6 months prior), votes may suffer due to more difficult SUSU related topics such as JCR involvement and nightlife.

The announcement was made to candidates this morning via email:

Just to inform you that after some consultation, it has been decided to move forward the campaigning start time from 5pm on Saturday 23rd to midday of that day. This should make the start of campaigning more accessible and should hopefully be a nicer start for you all.

The Wessex Scene will be keeping you up to date on all Elections news and information over the next two weeks.

Send us your photographs of campaign week to editor@wessexscene.co.uk or news@wessexscene.co.uk

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