Full Campaigning Now Open for Elections 2013


Campaigning has now begun in full for those vying for Sabbatical and Student leader positions.  

Election SymbolAfter a week of online campaigning, today marks the start of a week in which posters will be strewn across the redbrick area and candidates will begin to do as much as possible to get themselves noticed. Southampton’s very own Harlem Shake was also organised.

Campaign teams gathered on Highfield campus to await the moment of midday before putting up posters and banners. There were also team members at other University areas, supporting their candidate.

Candidates and their campaign teams are bound by elections rules. This means that there can be no active campaigning inside the library or most university buildings as rule 4.10 states  ‘there must be no active campaigning within 10 metres or in sight of any work station’. There can also be ‘no unreasonably loud noise in the vicinity of University buildings’ and most importantly, those campaigning cannot ‘intimidate, harass or bully voters’, especially as they make their votes.

Full campaigning opened today at midday. Voting starts at midnight on Wednesday, February 27 and closes at 4pm on Friday, March 1.

The Wessex Scene will be covering all events this week in the run up to results night.

Send us YOUR photos of campaign week and the Elections! We want to see what you’re up to. Send photos to editor@wessexscene.co.uk or tweet us @wessexscene



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