Claire Gilbert Elected as Your New VP Engagement


claire gilbert 1 Claire Gilbert has been elected as the new VP Engagement. 

With 2131 in the third stage, Claire received the majority of votes.

Claire Gilbert will oversee the Student Leaders in the Engagement Zone. The only student leader position in this zone is the RAG Officer which was won by Alice Gray.

claire glbert 2Claire wanted to thank her campaign team saying: ‘they did the hard work, not me!’

Claire’s campaign slogan was ‘Gilbert for Gold’ and it seems to have worked!

This is the fifth result to be announced tonight with VP Welfare and VP DCI having already been given to Beckie Thomas and David Martin. The next position to be announced will be the Student Leaders running for the Sports Development Zone.

The Wessex Scene will be interviewing all successful Sabbatical and Student Leaders over the next few weeks.

You can read all the action as it happens on our Live Blog HERE 
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