New Student Leaders for Democracy and Creative Industries Zone Have Been Elected


The new Student Leaders for the Democracy and Creative Industries have been elected.

Performing Arts Officer

  • Laura Ellis

dci teamStudent Groups Officer

  • James Hemingway

Surge Radio Station Manager

  • Jamie Barker

SUSUtv Station Manager

  • Catherine Darcy

The Edge Editor

  • Megan Downing

Union Films Cinema Manager

  • Nick Tinsley

Wessex Scene Editor

  • Samuel Everard

The race was particularly close between Jade Head and James Hemingway, with the latter winning by a very small fraction.

These announcements came just before the results for VP of Democracy and Creative Industries which is contested by David Martin and Jonathan North

The Wessex Scene will be interviewing all successful Sabbatical and Student Leaders over the next few weeks.

You can read all the action as it happens on our Live Blog HERE

Tell us what you think on Twitter by using the #votesusu hashtag or tweeting us @wessexscene, or commenting on our Live Blog.

You can also view Results Night Live on SUSUtv and listen in on Surge Radio.


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