David Gilani Elected as Your New Union President


gilani winnerDavid Gilani has been elected as the new SUSU President

With 2601, David received the majority of votes and Peter ‘Peewee’ Ward came second.

David Gilani will oversee the running of SUSU during the 2013-2014 academic year after a majority of voters joined ‘the Gilani Army’. Michelle Dando fell out of the race in the second stage after a successful campaign.

Gilani 5Referring to the University of Southampton and SUSU, Gilani said: ‘this place just keeps getting better!’.

This is the final result to be announced tonight, after an eventful Results Night Live. The new sabbatical team will begin their term on the 1st July.

The Wessex Scene will be interviewing all successful Sabbatical and Student Leaders over the next few weeks.

GilaniGilani 3


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